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"With the Open Telekom Cloud, we now have a scalable cloud platform that not only enables us to develop container-based software, but also leaves no questions unanswered on data security or data protection issues for our customers."
Dennis Gilliam, Founder and CEO of Ambient Innovation

Docker containers: Secure in the Open Telekom Cloud

Virtually every company (97 percent) in Germany attach great importance to GDPR conformity when choosing their cloud provider, according to a study by the industry association Bitkom. Software developers, whose business is increasingly moving in the direction of the cloud, are also feeling the effects. "Since the GDPR came into force, German companies have made no more compromises in data security and data protection," says Dennis Gilliam, founder and CEO of Ambient Innovation. The Cologne-based company recently launched a distribution platform for a large energy provider in the cloud and had to meet very specific requirements. "Among other things, the project was about greater scalability, future-proofing and reliability," says Gilliam. "However, IT security and GDPR conformity were right at the top of our customers’ list of priorities when it came to implementation." Today, the container-based platform runs in the Open Telekom Cloud, Deutsche Telekom's public cloud offering.

"Individually-designed software platforms for companies."

Ambient Innovation currently serves a real gap in the market in IT: Founded in 2009, the 40-member team develops and operates individual software platforms on behalf of companies with a focus on Docker containers and Kubernetes. In the past three years alone, the North Rhine-Westphalia-based software company has grown by 50 percent a year. "We focus on long-term customer relationships by developing individual software platforms for each company and also operating them for our customers," says Gilliam.

Telekom Solution Partner: "Reaching their full potential in the cloud”

Ambient Innovation has been a member of Telekom's Solution Partner Program since December 2017. With this program, Telekom supports IT system houses, system integrators and other IT solution providers in digitalizing their business models and product portfolios with the help of the Open Telekom Cloud. "Our goal is to support our Solution Partners in their development in the Open Telekom Cloud in such a way that they can reach their full potential and make the most of their opportunities," says Sonia Brinkmann of Deutsche Telekom. Telekom's cloud experts, for example, advise on the implementation of cloud projects as part of the Solution Partner Program or, if required, on sales and marketing. In addition, Solution Partners receive regular webinars on current cloud topics such as the GDPR in the cloud environment. And if Solution Partners have any questions, Telekom’s cloud experts are always available by phone.

Cloud resources for companies particularly sensitive to data privacy

The first joint project between Ambient Innovation and Telekom as part of the Solution Partner Program was the transfer of an energy provider’s platform to the Open Telekom Cloud. The Cologne-based company now has permanent access to 14 virtual machines for its test, production and shared environments. In addition, the container experts use Object Based Storage (OBS) for data storage and databases. The company also uses the Cloud Eye Service (CES) to keep track of the services and resources used at all times. And the load-balancing function automatically ensures sufficient IT resources at all times with the greatest possible efficiency.
Because the Open Telekom Cloud is based on the OpenStack open cloud architecture, the risk of a vendor lock-in is reduced to a minimum. The highly secure and multi-certified data centers in which the Open Telekom Cloud is hosted are operated by Telekom in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. And the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP) certifies that Open Telekom Cloud is currently one of the few cloud offerings on the market to have a legally compliant privacy certification for defined cloud services.
"With the Open Telekom Cloud, we now have a scalable cloud platform that not only enables us to develop container-based software, but also leaves no questions unanswered on data security or data protection issues for our customers," says Ambient Innovation CEO Gilliam. "This means that our applications and services are now also suitable for companies that are particularly sensitive when it comes to data security and data protection.”

Details about the Ambient Innovation reference

Ambient Innovation develops individual web applications for small and medium-sized companies, agencies and innovative start-ups. The 40-person team of app, backend and frontend developers, usability experts and user interface designers specializes in Docker containers. With success: Between 2015 and 2018 alone, the Cologne-based company was able to grow by 50 percent annually.
  • Transfer of a container-based sales platform of a large energy supplier to the cloud.
  • Goals: Higher availability, better scalability and future security.
  • Search for a suitable cloud partner.
  • Selection criteria: GDPR conformity, maximum security, low vendor lock-in risk and excellent reputation of the future cloud partner.
  • Scalable IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Three clusters with a total of 14 virtual machines for test, productive and shared environments.
  • Intensive use of load-balancer function, Object Based storage (OBS) and the Cloud Eye Service (CES) for monthly reporting.
  • Participation in the Telekom Solution Partner Program.
  • Larger clientele thanks to very high level of security and data protection.
  • More flexibility.
  • Low vendor lock-in risk thanks to OpenStack open cloud platform.
  • Support and contact partners on an equal footing thanks to Telekom experts.
  • If required, advice and marketing support from Deutsche Telekom.
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