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"Tracking makes it possible to localize a potentially attractive spot in the in the display area. We can provide registered customers or potential buyers with a better service via our CEM."
Aaron C. Arena, Audi Center Stuttgart

AUDI Center Stuttgart: AUDI is first in customer experience

CEM – Customer Experience Management – is the magic word that is digitally increasing sales at the Audi Center Stuttgart. It enables visitors to the showroom in Feuerbach to enter into dialog with the vehicles on show using the CEM app on their smartphones. 
When you are selling a car, it is vital to have all the right information in the right place at the right time. The Audi Center Stuttgart is therefore also aiming to turn customer visits into outstanding experiences that lead to purchases. When customers approach a vehicle they are interested in, they automatically receive photographs, videos and texts on their smartphones. If they wish so, they can also use the CEM app to leave information such as a request for a test drive. Customers do not have to come into the showroom for this – in fact, the showroom does not even have to be open. CEM also works through the showroom window. In return, the Audi Center Stuttgart receives valuable information about what its customers are interested in. CEM is thus a perfect example of a classic win-win situation for consumers and retailers.  

Customer Experience Management from a secure cloud

Five components from the digital world make CEM an effective sales assistant. Customers can obtain the CEM app free from the Google Play Store. The iBeacon is a transmitter that is fitted to the vehicles on display. The information is transmitted to customers' smartphones via Bluetooth. Mobile.de is the portal that provides the vehicle information via an interface. The T-Systems secure cloud takes care of recording customer profiles, administration, visualization and evaluation. Customers are satisfied, because CEM enables their individual needs to be better identified. The Audi Center Stuttgart is pleased to have reduced the stress-load on their sales staff, while also achieving higher completion rates and securing better customer information. CEM is a B2C module from the Software-as-a-Service model of T-Systems' automotive solutions. This model has many other possibilities for interacting with customers under its hood. 


  • A total of 360 staff at Audi Center Stuttgart's three bases in Feuerbach, Vaihingen, and Böblingen
  • High customer satisfaction via quality, service, and precision
  • AUDI AG named the company as its Top Services Partner in 2017
  • Meeting customers' needs is the top priority, so the company is fully committed to digitization and delivering an outstanding customer experience. 
  • Launching a digital customer experience for the showroom, starting at Feuerbach 
  • Reducing customer agents' workloads, particularly during peak times
  • Enhancing transparency regarding customer behavior and customer interest, supporting placement of tailored offerings
  • Fast start for the Showroom Proximity product as part of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) cloud solution based on Salesforce
  • Free CEM app for showroom visitors
  • Information about the vehicles fitted with i-beacons is transferred directly from the cloud to visitors' smartphones
  • Automated use of vehicle information
  • Customer profiles saved to the T-Systems' secure cloud
  • Administration, visualization, and assessment via dashboard in the cloud
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to time savings, greater transparency, and more options for comparisons
  • More detailed insight into customers' interests makes it possible to supply them with tailored offerings
  • Overall solution can be extended: it can be rolled out for other locations, include an unlimited number of vehicles, and add more features for digital interaction with customers