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"No other solution except the Open Telekom Cloud came into consideration for us.”
Jennifer Meister, Coachimo GmbH

Coachimo GmbH: Coaching based on German cloud-hosting – start-up relies on Telekom servers

It’s easy to feel quickly overwhelmed while searching for something on the Internet: millions of results offer seemingly endless information. It can be hard to separate what’s useful from what’s not. 
This experience was all too familiar to Jennifer Meister and Katja Manger, so the two came up with a business idea – and turned it into reality. Coachimo is aimed at anyone looking for an expert or coach for a specific topic. At the same time, it offers experts and coaches a platform providing better access to potential customers.
“There are a lot of experts out there, but it’s not so easy to find the right one,” says Jennifer Meister from Coachimo. “Our platform clearly lists experts – including their skills, areas of expertise and prices.”

IT resources from data centers

But before Coachimo could get started, the platform had to first be developed in the cloud. So the two founders brought the experienced IT consultant Stephen Sullivan onboard. The British expat first developed a proof-of-concept by using the cloud hosting portal Heroku and then ported the solution to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. “I thought to myself: If banks and insurers used this cloud platform then it would certainly fulfill our requirements,” says Sullivan.
“We focused at first strictly on the German market,” says Meister. “The combination of a solution using personal data from German customers with their very high expectations for data protection eventually led us to search for a new cloud provider.” 

Open Telekom Cloud: Trust and transparency

The start-up found exactly what it was looking for with cloud hosting by Deutsche Telekom. The Open Telekom Cloud based on OpenStack met all requirements for launching the platform on the German market. The certified data centers are located in Magdeburg and Biere in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt. This means all data remains on servers in Germany and all retention and processing is subject to strict German data protection laws.
The OpenStack-based services with open source code mean maximal transparency. And the pay-as-you-go model allows the start-up to budget for only those resources that it’s really using.
“It was quickly clear to us that we wanted to switch our platform to the Open Telekom Cloud,” says Meister. “Trust is an essential part of our business model. With Telekom’s reputation and the flexible resources from the Open Telekom Cloud, we now have a partner we can depend as we realize our plans for the future – and we have quite a bit planned.”

More about the Coachimo reference

  • Established by Jennifer Meister and Katja Manger from Berlin a few years ago
  • Online marketplace for coaching and individual training
  • With a click of a mouse, the web portal coachimo provides users a list of coaches in their area along with their skills, ratings and prices
  • The business model is perfect for cloud-based operations
  • Coachimo initially used the US provider Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • But it could not meet Coachimo’s support and data protection requirements.
  • So the start-up searched for a new public cloud provider
  • Open Telekom Cloud based on OpenStack
  • Flexible IT resources 
  • Certified highly secure data centers in Germany
  • Strict German data protection
  • Good provider reputation of Telekom – also with the start-up’s customers 
  • Hourly invoicing
  • Peace of mind regarding data security and data protection
  • High availability 
  • Scalable resources enable reliable planning for future needs
  • OpenStack offers maximal transparency thanks to its open source code
  • Resources can be automatically adapted to business developments (auto scaling)
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