Reference – CONCARDIS: digital sales and service – with T-Systems and Salesforce
"In spite of the high level of complexity, we’ve found an ideal, secure solution. The consulting by T-Systems’ Digital Division on topics from requirements management to agile implementation by T-Systems MMS helped us a lot. Because all sides are closely following the set course, we’ll have covered all aspects of digitized interaction with the customer within two years."
Sven Schiefer, head of the Salesforce implementation project at Concardis



Concardis is an agile yet prudent company. While it is highly innovative, it is very conservative when it comes to data privacy and security. The market for cashless payment systems demands both of these. After all, the pressure to digitize processes and communication is enormous and the security requirements for cashless transactions are very strict.
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The Eschborn-based company with 350 employees handles more than 420 million of these transactions every year. This means that around €42 billion flows through Concardis’ intelligent payment solutions with all types of card terminals and functions from currency conversion to the recording of tips. Your flight ticket, restaurant bill and filling station receipt are sure to be among these transactions.
A provider whose payment solutions for customers from kiosks to airlines cater for all requirements should also operate a CRM system which enables staff to recognize customers’ wishes quickly and react individually straight away. This was precisely the reason why Concardis went in search of the right partner offering a suitable solution. After carrying out in-depth market research, only Salesforce and T-Systems offered the CRM cloud platform features that the company required and above all met the strict security requirements which apply to money transactions even if they are cashless.

Concardis digitizes sales and service

Every year, Concardis handles around 50,000 customer-driven and 25,000 partner-driven processes. With numerous inquiries, invoices, orders and complaints, Concardis had to deal with huge amounts of paperwork. Viewing and editing the associated marketing, sales and service data from the CRM and the peripheral systems involved a great deal of work. With the introduction of the 360° view of customers and the implementation of the central ticket system thanks to the fully integrated Salesforce application, this can all be done at the push of a button. All digitized documents are automatically transferred to the CRM and are passed on to the right caseworker quickly as tickets. The data which are stored centrally can be accessed using any end device. Data for peripheral systems such as Business Warehouse and the Self-Service Portal for customers which were previously distributed are now available centrally at Concardis. Thanks to this efficiency and transparency, sales and service at Concardis have reached an entirely new level.
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