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Part of this success story in times of digitization is a smart tracking solution, enabling containers to continuously transfer location and status data. So DAL knows at any time, when and in what condition the containers will arrive.

Deutsche Afrika-Linien (DAL): Smart container tracking in the Cloud of Things

The Hamburg shipping company Deutsche Afrika-Linien (DAL) has been transporting goods across the oceans for more than a hundred years.
Previously, a recipient had no idea if his goods arrive in a marketable condition, until he opened the container. Thanks to DAL’s new tracking solution provided by T-Systems, important details regarding the goods’ condition are already available during transport. In addition, the shipping company always knows the container’s location. This enables an adequate response to unexpected incidents as well as a prompt delivery of parts that need to arrive just in time at production lines.


The tracking module developed in Germany works independent of the weather and can provide more than just location data. It is safely mounted on the container door and several sensors continually collect important transport parameters. The transmission route is also sophisticated: in the future, data will be transferred from lower deck containers to upper deck containers via Bluetooth before being forwarded to Telekom’s  Cloud of Things by the global mobile network. A web portal will not only provide information about the ship’s geographical location, but also whether the container door is opened or if the cargo was damaged by turbulences. Current outdoor temperature and battery voltage are also provided. In case of damage, employees of DAL can now inform insurance companies early, take alternative measures or simply lean back due to the fact that they know the container will be in place on time and in good condition. This is how digitization creates the basis for innovative services and an improved customer experience at DAL. For the first time, DAL receives access to all information about arrival, condition and further transport.

More about Deutsche Afrika-Linien (DAL) reference

  • DAL Deutsche Afrika-Linien was founded 1924 in Hamburg
  • Today, DAL is one of the most highly respected liner shipping companies operating with a focus on Africa
  • Provision of high quality and reliable service levels to all its clients
  • DAL combines traditional values with modern thinking
  • A global tracking solution for containers, operating regardless of weather conditions and providing more than just location data
  • To have an eye on the container‘s position and condition – anytime and anywhere
  • Detailed information during transport
  • Fulfilment of schedules, punctuality and transparency
  • A module on the container is currently detecting the position and condition of the transported goods via Machine-to-Machine-communication (M2M)
  • Secure data transfer and storage in Telekom‘s Cloud of Things
  • Accessible via Web-Portal in real-time at any time
  • Innovative services and improved customer experience
  • Direct access to all information on arrival, condition and further transport
  • Improved disposition of freight and vehicles
  • Lower container loss and theft
  • Optimization of insurance costs and clearance processes
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