Friederike Buchheister
"The standardized network made a significant contribution towards increasing IT security, speeding up data transfer and achieving a more efficient way of working at CORPUS SIREO."
Friederike Buchheister, formerly Executive Director Information Technology,
CORPUS SIREO Holding GmbH & Co. KG

CORPUS SIREO: New corporate network

​​​​​​​A homogeneous, flexible and secure communications landscape makes the real estate group’s work easier and offers added security, flexibility and availability.
As one of Europe's largest asset managers with 11 locations, CORPUS SIREO relies on a flexible, cutting-edge communications network. As part of the migration to Windows 7, it became apparent that its WAN, which was hosted by two different providers, did not have the required performance. CORPUS SIREO therefore wanted to use a state-of-the-art, homogeneous and fully managed corporate network throughout the group in the future.
T-Systems implemented a virtual private network based on MPLS IntraSelect as the WAN platform. Juniper switches are used on the local area network (LAN). The wireless network (WLAN) and Voice-over-IP technology are operated using products from Cisco. CORPUS SIREO uses RCI (Remote Connect Internet) as a dial-in solution. Thanks to this all-round, worry-free package, all communications at CORPUS SIREO have been made significantly easier and are now far more flexible. The straightforward, secure outside dial-in option along with easy adaptability for mobile end devices optimally supports CORPUS SIREO's business, which is characterized by close customer contact.

Details regarding the Corpus Sireo reference

  • CORPUS SIREO manages real estate worth around EUR 16.3 billion throughout Europe for companies, insurers and banks
  • The group has just under 570 employees at 11 locations
  • It offers all-round solutions for acquisition, management and marketing with a focus on increasing the value of real estate portfolios or individual properties
  • Its holistic approach in real estate consulting ranges from analysis, purchase and value-optimizing management to sale
  • Inadequate WAN performance due to hosting by two different providers
  • The objective: a homogeneous, fully managed corporate network throughout the group
  • Connection to the Internet not only via cable, but also via WLAN for mobile devices from CORPUS SIREO's sites
  • Requirement: where possible, a completely managed system for all networks without infrastructure investments in new hardware
  • Consolidated, homogeneous VPN fully managed by T-Systems
  • Migration of the existing MPLS Flex Solution to the latest IntraSelect Fixed Connect technology
  • Replacement of copper with fiber-optic technology resulting in an end-to-end doubling of bandwidth for just about all locations
  • Employees with the relevant access permission can use RCI (Remote Connect Internet) to access CORPUS SIREO's VPN securely from outside of the network
  • CORPUS SIREO now has one competent point of contact – T-Systems – for all networks and therefore an all-round, worry-free package for data and voice
  • Maintenance service of four hours and 98.5% availability
  • “The standardized network made a significant contribution towards increasing IT security, speeding up data transfer and achieving a more efficient way of working at CORPUS SIREO” (Friederike Buchheister, Executive Director Information Technology, CORPUS SIREO)
T-Systems International GmbH

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