"With the ‘Cyber Defense for SMEs’ product, we have found an effective solution which offers maximum security."
Ralph Günther, formerly CEO, CORPUS SIREO

CORPUS SIREO: Cyber Defense detects potential threats immediately

With Cyber Defense for SMEs, the real estate group can verify compliance with its internal security guidelines in an audit-proof manner.
CORPUS SIREO and T-Systems have worked together for many years across all areas of IT. The growing numbers of threats through attacks from cyberspace and the desire for complete transparency when it comes to IT security led to the implementation of Cyber Defense for SMEs. The solution reports suspicious access and records a wide range of events across the board from networks, systems and applications. A central cloud platform analyzes the data and passes on details of supposed threats to the T-Systems Security Operation Center. Experts assess the situation and, if a threat situation exists, inform the management of CORPUS SIREO so that countermeasures can be taken immediately. This platform-based solution gives CORPUS SIREO the desired level of audit compliance and verification that its own security guidelines are complied with. Thanks to the “out of the box” principle, the company also benefits from low costs in the procurement and operation of the solution.


  • Cyber Defense for SMEs as a platform-based security solution
  • Prompt detection of weaknesses and access-related log anomalies as a threat to the IT infrastructure
  • Monitoring with the aid of sensors and functions in the customer network
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Dashboard and reporting ensure transparency with regard to all incidents
  • Support from the T-Systems 24/7 expert team (Security Operation Center)
  • Audit compliance when implementing IT security guidelines
  • Low investment and favorable operating costs
  • Integration into global security communities ensures that the latest threats are detected

More about CORPUS SIREO reference

  • The CORPUS SIREO group manages real estate worth around EUR 16.3 billion throughout Europe for companies, insurers and banks
  • The company has just under 570 employees at 11 locations
  • The international insurance group Swiss Life acquired CORPUS SIREO, the leading independent real estate asset management service provider in Germany, in 2014
  • Service areas are investment consultancy and lease management, new leases and subsequent lettings, as well as acquisitions and sales
  • Prompt detection of unauthorized access and threats, e.g., through malware
  • Reliable decision-making basis for effective countermeasures in specific danger situations
  • Verification of compliance with own security guidelines for IT and infrastructure
  • Audit compliance
  • Transparency as regards the security situation of the systems
  • Protection of sensitive business and customer data
  • Testing, implementing and operating Cyber Defense for SMEs as a managed platform-based T-Systems solution
  • Across-the-board recording of a range of events from networks, systems and applications
  • Reporting suspicious log entries
  • Evaluation and customer alerts by experts
  • Overview of development by means of a dashboard and reporting
  • Unified Security Management from AlienVault detects the latest global threats
  • Transparency as regards threats, infrastructure assets, weaknesses and network traffic
  • Fast response times to prevent attacks and thus protect infrastructure and data
  • Meets audit compliance requirements for observance of own security guidelines
  • Cost savings thanks to a fully managed solution on the T-Systems platform
  • The solution is always up to date since its takes account of the latest threats from cyberspace
T-Systems International GmbH

“Partnership at its best.”
Friederike Buchheister, CIO of asset management company CORPUS SIREO, and Sebastian Soloschenko, Account Manager at T-Systems, about multi-vendor vs. single provider strategies (Best Practice 1/2017).


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