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T-Systems has migrated DAK’s entire voice and data network to standardized IP technology, integrating all telephony resources, including call centers, on a multi-service platform (MSP).

DAK: Enhanced customer service

A busy tone at the end of the line, an eternity on hold, or simply straight through to voicemail – all things of the past for customers of DAK, Germany’s third-largest provider of statutory health insurance. Now that DAK’s customer relationship management (CRM) system incorporates voice over IP technology, the call-center agent has all relevant customer data on-screen before they even answer the phone – meaning a better, more responsive, more informed service. The health insurer tasked T-Systems with migrating its entire voice and data network, including its call center, to standardized IP technology. Now, a multi-service platform (MSP) delivers telephony resources (Business VoIP Select) and call-center functionality (BusinessVoIP Agent) over the network infrastructure. Service centers no longer need their own telecommunications hardware, as they are connected to the platform using MPLS Flex (with multiprotocol label switching). Applications and data are available to all DAK employees from a data center, and thanks to computer telephony integration (CTI), service centers can manage communications more easily and efficiently – both with each other, and with customers. For example, the system automatically forwards incoming calls to the right DAK professional.

Saving four million euros every year

Services are charged on a price-per-port basis for data and voice communications, and for call-center functions. Moreover, DAK employees can make internal calls for free within the virtual private network (VPN) environment. Plus, service centers no longer require their own PBXs, slashing the costs associated with hardware operation and maintenance. In total, this innovative solution saves the health insurer at least four million euros annually.

More about DAK customer reference

  • Germany’s third-largest statutory health insurance provider
  • Almost 5.8 million customers, around 10,700 employees, and 800 service centers and offices throughout Germany
  • 24-hour hotline for insurance-related and medical queries
  • 70,000 calls daily (44 percent of all customer contact)
  • DAK’s IT department is a trailblazer within the German health insurance industry
  • Improve customer service – e.g. by cutting the number of lost calls
  • Replace outdated PBX systems
  • Unified voice and data network
  • Integrated ICT workstations for better, more rapid customer service
  • Attractive price-per-port pricing, and transparent allocation of telecommunication costs
  • Integrate all components (IP telephony and call-center functions) on a single multi-service platform (MSP)
  • Deliver telephone services (Business VoIP Select) and call-center functions (BusinessVoIP Agent) via network
  • Connect all service centers to the enterprise VPN
  • Provide price-per-port pricing for data and voice, including call-center functions
  • Intelligent call forwarding – automatically placed with the right employee in line with predefined criteria
  • Calls answered quickly, with very little waiting
  • Predictable costs thanks to fixed per-port prices for data and voice communications, including call-center functions
  • Introduction of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Infinite scalability for communications infrastructure
  • Service centers no longer need their own PBX
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