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"After all, data processing at Telekom’s data centers is a good selling point. Deutsche Telekom simply has a great reputation when it comes to data protection."
Andreas Kulpa, CEO, DataLovers AG

DataLovers AG: Winning customers with artificial intelligence

DataLovers AG's artificial intelligence (AI) simplifies sales with customized target customer lists.  An algorithm based on a template is used to comb the Internet. The AI finds promising sales leads on websites and social media. The start-up gets the required processing power from the Open Telekom Cloud. 
Imagine if only a few sales enquiries ended up going nowhere?  If breweries could find suitable restaurateurs more quickly, aid organizations could reliably win over new donors and machine manufacturers could continually and accurately identify new customers? The reality, however, often looks very different. Cold calling often ends up going nowhere, with sales people only getting a small amount of answers or orders in response to their enquiries. That is because the target groups are not precisely defined and the companies that are approached simply do have a need of the product or service.  It would be helpful if the sales people knew from the beginning that the potential customers were really interested – and where to find such customers.

Acquisition Turbo from the cloud: More deals, less frustration

The Mainz-based start-up DataLovers AG identified this as a problem and developed a service that generates customized lists of target customers using artificial intelligence. “Everyone can be found on the Internet,” says Andreas Kulpa, the start-up’s CEO and founder. “But it’s a real skill to filter the truly relevant details out of all this information. Our AI does it automatically.”
The principle: Based on a company’s existing customers, the artificial intelligence first develops a statistical twin – the template that the algorithm then uses to comb through a huge database. The advantage for the sales people is that DataLovers AG provides them with detailed lists of potential customers that are very likely to be interested in their product or service. “The result is more deals and less frustration when acquiring customers," Kulpa says.

Data protection in the cloud as a top priority

DataLovers AG needs a lot of storage space for its comprehensive database. And the analysis required to search this database for suitable new customers requires enormous processing power. The start-up has chosen the Open Telekom Cloud for both of these.
And this is highly flexible: In order to keep the database constantly up to date and feed it with relevant information, an intelligent algorithm regularly combs through freely accessible sources on the Internet. The artificial intelligence relies on up to 120 virtual machines from the Open Telekom Cloud for this so-called crawling. The virtual machines are specially configured for application in Big Data Analytics and artificial intelligence.
However, because crawling is not being carried out permanently, DataLovers AG only needs the high capacity temporarily. This is where the Open Telekom Cloud can really show its advantages. That is because the IT resources can be scaled flexibly between 60 and 120 virtual machines, according to need. DataLovers AG stores the data from the webcrawling in the Open Telekom Cloud’s cost-effective long-term storage: the so-called Object Storage.
As well as the flexible scalability, another factor in the decision to go with the Open Telekom Cloud was the high level of data security and data protection. “We sometimes analyze sensitive data,” Kulpa says. “For our customers it is therefore important to know that the data is stored within the borders of Germany. That is why data protection and IT security are top priorities for us.” With the Open Telekom Cloud DataLovers AG now has the optimal technological basis for further lasting success. “We are currently gaining an average of two to five new customers a week,” Kulpa says. And that will only grow: the start-up also plans to expand into Poland and France.
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