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The first mobile medication cooling box with Internet connectivity - the perfect interaction of the M2M (machine to machine) communication and the Cloud of Things platform of Deutsche Telekom.


The newcomer Definitiv closes the gap between the pharmacy and the patient with its intelligent and mobile thermal box for cooling medication. Patients can rely on keeping their medicines at a verifiably constant temperature while traveling. This is possible thanks to the perfect interaction of the M2M (machine to machine) communication and the Cloud of Things platform of Deutsche Telekom.
Cool, dark, dry – the list of requirements for storing and transporting medication is often long. If not adhered to, the drugs could lose their effectiveness. Consequences can range from a reduced drug effectiveness to loss of usability or undesirable side effects. With an innovative, active cooling system, the Definitiv Box ensures that the temperature is actively controlled and monitored, so that compounds and medicines arrive at their destination without any loss of quality. This way the chronically ill – who are dependent on regularly taking temperature-sensitive medications – gain more flexibility in managing their lives, for example.
The first mobile medication cooling box with Internet connectivity keeps medication precisely cooled to the required temperature for approximately eight hours. 
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The patent-protected technology for cooling organic medication combines intelligent medication management with the benefits of telemedicine. An M2M SIM card is integrated in the handy cooling box so it can communicate with the Cloud of Things platform of Deutsche Telekom. When connected with a smartphone, which acts as a control unit, the system can be used to configure the properties of the Definitiv Box – for instance, to specify the time intervals for administering the medication. In addition to data monitoring, the Cloud of Things also enables control of the device via secure, encrypted device communication, hosted in Germany. The device can be connected to a computer or smartphone. An app lets the user access data at any time, such as medication dispensing logs and fill levels. It is also possible to locate the device via GPS.

A win-win situation for everyone

The clever solution benefits everyone involved. The risk of side effects to patients due to faulty dispensing of drugs and compounds is reduced. The patients' quality of life is increased, thanks to their newly gained independence; it is no longer necessary to constantly worry about proper cooling of the medication. The centralized collection of data also enables data analysis for product improvement and study purposes. The solution supports new service models pertaining to all aspects of mobile medication cooling and management, while closely networking with health insurers, patients and even drug manufacturers.

More about Definitiv Reference

  • Definitiv SE was founded in July 2014 and its headquarter is in Tönisvorst/Mönchengladbach
  • Purpose of the company is the production, distribution and development of medical goods, mainly of products that guarantee the prescribed, continuous cooling of drugs in liquid or solid form
  • The cold chain of medical goods requiring refrigeration is often interrupted during transport or storage, when a patient receives a medicine in a pharmacy. The consequences:
    - Medical goods may sharply drop in its efficiency
    - Medical goods may become useless
    - Medical goods may trigger unexpected adverse reactions in patients
  • The Definitv Thermobox has an actively controlled and monitored cooling in order to close the cold chain and permit the transportation
  • Logging and documentation of the operating conditions and user interaction
  • Data communication equipment and management on the basis of M2M SIM cards (in conjunction with the cloud of things platform) 
  • Alert in case of malfunctions/faults
  • Central collection and storage of all incoming data 
  • Remote monitoring of cooling 
  • New service models and customer interaction 
  • Cost reduction through improved efficiencies of the administered preparations and thus less secondary diseases
  • Possibility of using the data collection on internal study purposes 
  • Possibility of expanding patient bonus systems
Interview with Klaus Zimmer, Definitiv SE
With the Definitiv-Box, start-up Definitiv SE developed a mobile refrigeration system for patients whose medication must be kept cool at all times. Deutsche Telekom provides the M2M cards for communicating with the Internet of Things. 
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