Deutsche Telekom Sea Hero Quest
Mobile app by Deutsche Telekom helps in dementia research.

Help dementia research: The mobile game Sea Hero Quest

Due to the increasing number of people suffering from dementia, dementia research is a burning issue for today's society. There a still not enough comparable data for scientific studies to recognize dementia early and to cure it. The mobile app Sea Hero Quest by Deutsche Telekom helps dementia research to shed light on the dark.
The major problem for dementia research was the missing data. The reason for this: In the best case scenario, studies will only supply snapshots about the behavior of small volunteer groups. Now it is possible to obtain and evaluate huge amounts of data in a playful manner, via mobile app. The game is downloaded by millions of people – all in the awareness of becoming a part of dementia research.
Sea Hero Quest was developed by Deutsche Telekom and the London University College, the University of East Anglia, the organization Alzheimer's Research and the game developer Glitchers. T-Systems supplies the hosting: AppAgile as Platform-as-a-Service on DSI vCloud's infrastructure. 


The game helps dementia research: Users are going on an exciting journey through several, fabulous worlds and are chasing sea creatures, while "Sea Hero Quest" collects anonymised data about the orientation behavior and transmits them on to the AppAgile platform by T-Systems, several times per second. From there, the collected data shall be securely and anonymously provided for globally selected scientist for dementia research. Thereby, the platform appears as automatically scalable backend for development and productive operation. The high scalability, according to the user-traffic, is reached by Docker containers, which are either added or removed. AppAgile runs on DSI vCloud in T-Systems‘ highly secure data center in Munich. So the full compliance with the German data security regulations is ensured.
And the game has a positive response. Already more than 2.6 million people have downloaded Sea Hero Quest worldwide. The reactions are overwhelming with more than 80,000 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars on Google Play and App Store. Thousands of comments confirm: The users love Sea Hero Quest with the additional benefit to help dementia research.

More about Sea Hero Quest/Deutsche Telekom Reference

  • Deutsche Telekom AG is one of Europe’s largest telecommunication groups
  • Almost 230,000 employees and a revenue of more than 60 billion Euro
  • Telekom has, together with its subsidiaries, several locations in many countries and on five continents
  • Telekom even provides it's innovative possibilities for researching problems of today's society, such as dementia research
  • Development platform for mobile game app Sea Hero Quest
  • Unknown user and data amount
  • Scalable productive environment with the additional requirement to compensate any peak loads, due to offline-gaming which causes further data amounts
  • Ensure trouble-free high availability 24/7
  • High cost efficiency without capital commitment for Deutsche Telekom
  • AppAgile, a Platform-as-a-Service-solution (PaaS), serves as automatically scalable backend for development and productive operation
  • Add or delete servers or instances according to the traffic-volume
  • AppAgile-platform from web-front-end over middleware to the NoSQL-data base
  • AppAgile operated on secure DSI vCloud in T-Systems‘ data center in Munich
  • Extremely short time-to-market thanks to AppAgile; the backend of the app was developed within one month only
  • Provision of AppAgile productive environment via button press
  • Automatic scaling compensates any peak loads reliably
  • Appropriate Pay-per-use-pricing model for DSI vCloud
  • Anonymized data stored according to German Federal Data Protection Act
T-Systems International GmbH

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