Elmar Steinbacher, Ministerial Director in the Ministry of Justice and Europe in Baden-Württemberg
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"The fast, paper-free access to data really speeds up processing time."
Elmar Steinbacher, Ministerial Director in the Ministry of Justice and Europe in Baden-Württemberg

State administration in Baden-Württemberg

The electronic land register creates integrated processes and simplifies transaction processing in the land registries in Baden-Württemberg.
With the help of the electronic land register, employees in the land registries process all transactions digitally – including the electronic signature. Authorities, notaries, courts or authorized third parties like banks or building societies that need land register information can retrieve it simply and securely. This shortens processing time and, in turn, the time required to purchase land, including all of the individual steps (purchase contract, financing, priority notice of conveyance and entry into the land register) up to construction start.

Digital administration

For 15 years now, T-Systems has been helping Baden-Württemberg and Schleswig-Holstein develop and operate an electronic land register. Currently, the focus is on making this register more user-friendly and digitizing the processes in the land registries.

Details about the reference state administration in Baden-Württemberg

  • Baden-Württemberg is Germany's third-largest state with 10.6 million residents
  • It is one of Europe's most economically powerful and competitive regions
  • It is the most innovative region in the EU, particularly in the areas of high technology and research & development
  • Reform of the land register system in Baden-Württemberg: merger of more than 600 land registries and notaries into 13 central land registries
  • Improvement and acceleration of processes in the land registries
  • Fulfillment of the high requirements with regard to data protection, security, integrity and user-friendliness
  • Creation of a highly available central archive
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the specialist application FOLIA/EGB as well as support during its stable operation
  • Creation of decentralized production systems for processing the land register data: correct and complete data transmission using an electronic signature and automation
  • Provision of a complete access log
  • Provision of change-proof storage of data in the archiving system
  • Development of a location-independent information system
  • Improved and accelerated processing in the land registries
  • Faster and more secure access to land register data
  • Seamless processes
  • Highly secure and available central archive
  • Refinancing of costs through access charge for authorized third parties
  • Long-term investment protection
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Mona Sophie Joswig

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