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An Extranet for the automotive industry: 1,500 companies in over 30 countries communicate securely via a globally available industry network.

ENX Association: Globally available industry network

ENX is the leading standard for secure and reliable communication between manufacturers, suppliers and other partners in the automotive industry.
This communications service was developed and is managed by the ENX Association and the number of users has been growing steadily since it was established in 2000. More than 1,400 companies in over 30 countries rely on ENX, meaning just about all European car manufacturers, large suppliers and SMEs involved in the automotive industry. Nowadays, ENX supports applications in areas where security is essential, for example engineering, finance, logistics and the management of just-in-time supply chains.
Certified service providers (CSP) that have been certified by the ENX Association offer access to the network worldwide. T-Systems has been a certified ENX provider since 2000. Alongside this role, the ENX Association uses T-Systems’ expertise and services when developing and providing central infrastructure services. These include the ENX public key infrastructure (PKI) and the ENX points of interconnection (POI), the central interchange points where the ENX networks of all ENX CSPs are connected to each other.

Details regarding the ENX Association reference

The ENX Association brings together European car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and associations. As an association in accordance with French law, it functions as a legal and organizational umbrella for the ENX network standard which the industry uses to exchange critical development, purchasing and production control data in a secure, economical manner.
  • Efficient B2B business processes in complex international value creation chains
  • Straightforward, highly secure cross-company IP Extranet solution
  • Fail-safe operation of the internal infrastructure
  • Public key infrastructure/trustcenter (ENX Trustcenter) for certificate-based authentication of communication partners
  • Coupling all ENX subnetworks of the certified ENX providers via points of interconnection (POI)
  • Operating the redundant POIs at three international data center sites
  • Straightforward, confidential communication between value creation partners
  • Protection against knowledge drain, industrial espionage and sabotage
  • Economical solution for connecting hundreds of partners
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