Barmer reference
“Our trust and satisfaction with T-Systems’ services prompted us to renew the contract early.”
Hendrik Claassen, Managing Director of HKD


Flexible voice framework contract

Working together with Deutsche Telekom and its big subsidiary T-Systems, the Church in Germany has big plans for the future.
A very close partnership which has been in place for years is now being expanded in the area of fixed line and mobile services. As part of the forthcoming switchover to All-IP, there are even plans to tap into and provide services for new target groups. The springboard for all this is the new framework contract for Corporate Voice Solutions between Deutsche Telekom and the Handelsgesellschaft für Kirche und Diakonie (HKD) (Trading Company for Church and Diaconal Work). Under the terms of the contract, HKD now oversees 12,000 fixed line connections for anything from analog to multiplex technology. As part of the project “Networks for Churches 4.0”, an even more comprehensive product, solution and service offer will be presented to end customers from 2016 onward. With this offer, the partners hope to position themselves even better on the market.
The three-year framework contract for Corporate Voice Solutions, which ended at the end of 2015, already provides the basis for switching to All-IP. With the contract for Corporate Voice Solutions, which was tailored to HKD’s needs by T-Systems, HKD can offer its end customers needs-based fixed line and DSL solutions, including automatic tariffs for fixed line connections. HKD also invoices end customers directly. In practice, both contractual partners work closely together. If - for example - a local authority contacts the Deutsche Telekom Group with an inquiry regarding three nurseries and a total of 10 telephone lines, this can be included in the HKD framework contract directly, or via HKD, and transferred to HKD’s service department.

Details regarding the HKD reference

  • Germany’s leading purchasing and consultancy partner for churches and the social sector
  • Through framework contracts, the company achieves attractive purchasing conditions for mobility, IT, technology, energy and telecommunications
  • Offers available via church shop with highly individual service
  • Since 1998, T-Systems has provided telephony in the form of a framework contract, initially for the Nordkirche. In 2003, the offer was opened up to all church institutions
  • Ongoing expansion of the contract to include new products and services such as DSL
  • Further developing HKD’s needs-based offers for small and major customers
  • Producing an attractive framework contract to support HKD’s business model in the best possible way
  • Tailored contract for Corporate Voice Solutions
  • HKD customers get needs-based fixed line and DSL solutions – with invoicing and services provided by HKD
  • Inquiries from church and social institutions can be included directly in this contract
  • Two types of contract: CVS for small and large institutions
  • All types of fixed line connections – from analog connections and ISDN connections with extra DSL (DSL 1000 – DSL 16,000) to multiplex connections with 30 channels
  • Framework contract gives HKD a high level of flexibility when dealing with customers
  • HKD customers get Telekom-quality telephony with a personal contact for contract-related enquiries from within their own ranks
  • HKD is presented as a competent, innovative service partner
  • Scale effects for 12,000 connections
  • The contract provides the ideal basis for an even closer partnership, e.g. an overall communications package for church institutions, virtual telephone systems, a switchover to All-IP and much more