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Video2go for students and researchers. Campus Wifi, Unified communication and videoconferencing at Freie Universität Berlin.

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Universities, like companies, now have to compete for good young talent. They have to be an attractive place for students, young scientists and researchers and other personnel. People certainly take state-of-the-art IT systems into account when they are considering institutions.
Video is the new voice
Freie Universitaet Berlin leverages innovative communications solutions and convergent network infrastructures from T-Systems.
Scientific endeavor today depends very much on teamwork. Researchers now tend to work highly interdisciplinarily. A key aspect of research at FU Berlin is that it involves a great many different cooperative ventures with researchers located elsewhere; in fact, much of this cooperation is highly international. Being a leading university at international level means that networking and maintaining contacts with other organizations and education institutions – both in Germany and in foreign countries – are vital to our overall research” says Torsten Prill (see Interview). , managing director of the university data center (ZEDAT) at Freie Universität Berlin. This networking and collaboration can be made much simpler and improved in quality through state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology. “Video is the new voice,” says Torsten Prill.

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Freie Universität Berlin is one of the world's top scientific institutions. It is one of eleven German universities that were successfully in all three areas supported by the German government's Excellence Initiative and whose excellence future concepts are being funded. Freie Universität has consequently positioned itself as an “international network university” in global university competition.
  • Establishment of a central VoIP solution 
  • Optimization of voice communication operations including centralization of management 
  • Additional features, such as PC-phone connection and audio/video/web conferences
  • Migration of some 8,800 telephony ports and data links for all campus locations via a PoE switch infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art campus Wi-Fi infrastructure with installation of 1,800 Cisco Wi-Fi access points
  • Rollout of 8,000 Cisco IP phone sets, including Cisco Desktop DX 70 with video feature
  • Integration of Unified Communications, status and contact center services
  • Installation and integration of videoconferencing systems, such as Cisco TelePresence MX 700
  • Improved processes, increased solution availability
  • More efficient central services and operations
  • Seamless mobility solution with Wi-Fi integration 
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration through video integration and web collaboration
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