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„Working with T-Systems is a new experience for us. The fact that an expert contact is always on hand to deal with every problem is extremely helpful for development.“
Hannes Korte, Implisense CTO

Implisense: Open Telekom Cloud as basis for innovative sales intelligence

Implisense is a Berlin-based start-up that uses B2B sales intelligence to open up a new dimension in customer relationships. The start-up creates tailor-made company profiles from analyses of big data with visualization of the customer information. The Open Telekom Cloud offers the company valuable benefits in terms of operation. Not to mention significant cost savings while ensuring enhanced IT security at the same time.
Implisense has its own database with more than six million company profiles in Germany and the United Kingdom. Ideal customers are identified with the aid of big data analyses and transferred by Implisense to customer CRM systems. This innovative business tool required a high-performance infrastructure in the form of storage and processor capacity and consequently continual investment in hardware. Rapid company growth was a further factor, which demanded high scalability of the infrastructure. The constant demands by customers for optimum IT security added to the market challenges. After all, CRM data is extremely sensitive. Implisense therefore set out to find an experienced partner who could offer the ideal, secure infrastructure as a service for its business.       

Implisense together with Open Telekom Cloud is the model of success

Implisense now sources its capacities – computing power, memory and network access – from the Open Telekom Cloud on a demand-driven basis in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using the OpenStack architecture. The start-up's employees have secure access via the user-friendly portal with its integrated password function. Compared to former times, Implisense now has considerably enhanced security while maintaining the same performance levels with cost savings of around 20 percent. Investment costs for new hardware are obsolete, thus freeing up budgets for the enhanced development of the innovative software. The personal support offered by T-Systems as an experienced partner also acts as a catalyst in this regard. The fact that the data is located exclusively in Germany and is subject to all requirements of the German data privacy guidelines, was a USP for the customer according to Implisense management.

More about the Implisense reference

  • The Berlin-based start-up for B2B sales intelligence is revolutionizing the topic of customer relationships
  • Customer information remains automatically up to date
  • Detailed company profiles with the required attributes are created on the basis of automated analyses. Suitable customer recommendations can be produced in a few seconds
  • Implisense fills CRM systems with ideal customers from its own database of more than six million company profiles
  • Enormous data volumes, analyses and calculation of B2B target customers demand significant memory and processing capacity in real time
  • Tight budgets in the early days
  • External, easy-to-use, economical and reliable infrastructure
  • Highest requirements regarding data privacy and security
  • Ongoing personal consultancy by an experienced partner
  • Scalable infrastructure services to support the company's rapid growth
  • Open Telekom Cloud as Infrastructure as a Service for Implisense's SaaS offering 
  • Tailor-made sourcing of computing power, memory and network access based on the OpenStack architecture
  • Sufficient resources for the Elasticsearch cluster, the crawling engine and the intelligent text mining analyses
  • Secure access with integrated password function
  • User-friendly self-service portal 
  • Personal support from T-Systems
  • Cost savings of around 20 percent with consistent performance levels, enhanced security, personal contact partner and many upcoming services
  • Pay-per-use pricing model reduces investment costs for IT infrastructure
  • Existing budgets are freed up for further development 
  • No vendor lock-in thanks to OpenStack 
  • High level of employee satisfaction, among other reasons due to simple and fast access
  • Data privacy and security according to German data privacy guidelines
T-Systems International GmbH

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