"To me, the project is like the next level in Super Mario: We’ve left the old level. Using ERP HCM on an IBM mainframe meant we were far outside the mainstream, which made getting support difficult. By going to a new level with SAP HANA, we’ve opened the door to the future and can now optimize the application, as well as use evaluation options that weren’t available in the old setting."
Dr. Jan Mütter, head of division “IT solutions”, IT.NRW

Central statistical and IT services provider for North Rhine-Westphalia (IT.NRW)

In North Rhine-Westphalia, it’s full steam ahead for the state government’s digitalization plans. Part of this strategy: The digitalization of monthly payroll processes for approx. 676,000 transactions. Following the critical SAP HANA migration on a single long weekend and the three successful payroll runs performed afterwards, T-Systems handed operations of the new SAP HCM infrastructure over to the state’s central statistical and IT services provider (IT.NRW).
Every month, some 279,000 public sector employees, 190,000 other employees, and 207,000 benefit recipients rely on the timely transfer of money. This fact made the decision to replace the old expensive mainframe computer a difficult one for the State Office for salaries and retirement benefits (LBV) and the IT.NRW experts in charge of IT issues. The changeover entailed no small risk for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

North Rhine-Westphalia: a global pioneer

T-Systems won the public tender with its comprehensive tailored solution that covered aspects such as concept design, testing, project management, technology, implementation, and the timely migration of all SAP HCM data from the old to the new system. The new system’s architecture is based on stable, high-performance, and SAP HANA certified x86 hardware and a highly available, fast SAP HANA database. Everything went according to plan during this project for North Rhine-Westphalia’s central statistical and IT services provider (IT.NRW). From start to finish, the changeover took only 16 months, the budget stayed on-target, there were almost no outward traces of the actual migration which only needed a long weekend, and there were no hitches during the tests over the following months. The high-speed technological solution has made it possible to cut the time for core payroll processing by 50% and minimize maintenance costs for North Rhine-Westphalia’s central statistical and IT services provider. The authorities will recoup the costs of the new system after just one year. North Rhine-Westphalia is proud of its new HANA environment – around the world, there is only one other user that has to process more monthly staff payments.

More about the Central statistical and IT services provider for North Rhine-Westphalia (IT.NRW) reference

As a state authority in North Rhine-Westphalia's public administration system, the State Office for salaries and retirement benefits (LBV) handles approx. 676,000 payment transactions every month. The central statistical and IT services provider for North Rhine-Westphalia (IT.NRW) is responsible for the operation of the SAP HCM infrastructure.
  • Expiring maintenance contract for mainframe architecture
  • Reduce maintenance costs and consolidate infrastructure
  • Tendering of a complete package consisting of conception, testing, project management, technologies, implementation, migration of all data from SAP HCM from the old to the new system
  • Little time for the changeover
  • High business criticality of the HR system
  • T-Systems as general contractor and overall project manager
  • Solution tailored to the requirements of the state, IT.NRW and LBV
  • New system architecture based on stable, perfomant SAP-HANA-certified x86 hardware and a highly available database
  • Testing and redundant system components to safeguard critical payroll processes
  • During operation, T-Systems provides 3rd level support & system adaptations
  • SAP HANA changeover within only 16 months and at planned costs
  • Smooth and almost noiseless migration on a long weekend
  • Time for core payroll processing reduced by 50%
  • Reduction of maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Amortization period of just 12 months
  • Investment and future security of the SAP HANA technology as the future standard set by SAP AG
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