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"Communicating by e-mail is essential for our business. We use E-Mail Protect Pro to protect our inboxes against dangers from the Internet. And we can do that without any additional expenditure for our IT, because the cloud solution runs entirely in the background."
Michael Eckert, Head of IT, Lindner Hotels AG

How Lindner Hotels AG protects itself against cyberattacks

Highest-quality hotels: Lindner Hotels AG offers its guests wellness, sports, culture, and business stays in 37 hotels in Germany and Europe. And it relies on providing optimum service, both in the actual hotels and when processing customer inquiries by e-mail. Secure electronic correspondence is especially important for the hotel company. To make sure this correspondence receives the best protection possible, Lindner uses E-Mail Protect Pro from the TelekomCLOUD.
From reservation requests for the Congress Hotel in Cottbus to special wishes for family rooms in the Golf & Wellness Resort on Majorca, most direct customer interaction at the family-managed company Lindner Hotels AG takes place by e-mail. It is fast, convenient, and modern, but it also opens up a gateway for cyberattacks: according to a survey by the security specialist cofense, 91 percent of these attacks begin with an infected message that smuggles in spyware or blackmail Trojans. And both hotels and hospitality industries are increasingly becoming targets for hackers, as shown by the most recent attacks on Intercontinental and Hyatt Hotels in 2017, for example, where the perpetrators wanted to obtain customer and credit card data. Lindner Hotels relies on E-Mail Protect Pro, an e-mail security solution from the TelekomCLOUD, to optimally protect its inboxes and guarantee this communication medium, which is essential for business, operates properly.

Successful defense: E-Mail Protect Pro blocks malware

E-Mail Protect Pro is part of the Magenta Security portfolio, which bundles Telekom's group-wide IT security competence. The managed cloud solution monitors e-mail correspondence and successfully defends against virtual threats. That is how it blocks spam, viruses, and ransomware. In addition, it prevents complex and effective attacks known as advanced persistent threats (APT) from being made on critical IT infrastructures and confidential data. Lindner Hotels no longer needs a special infrastructure. All of its e-mail correspondence takes place via a server in the cloud. And in one of Telekom's own data centers. That is an advantage for Lindner because it guarantees data is protected according to strict German legislation. The hotel company has a good overview of the costs for the solution at all times because it pays a fixed price for each inbox every month. Lindner also benefits from the considerably reduced expenditure needed for its own corporate IT department, because E-Mail Protect Pro always runs stably in the background and is up to date. Telekom makes sure of that. The provider also administers the solution and provides the head of IT with a daily e-mail report containing information about the current security status. This allows the IT team to focus more on its core business: reliable IT and entertainment services for guests.
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