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"Since we started using the Open Telekom Cloud, a growing number of our customers have been using the cloud version of our solution. This is due in part to the Telekom brand, which stands for seriousness and integrity. We are optimistic that this and our close partnership with the provider will enable us to further increase the cloud portion of our solution in the future."
Dirk Kosellek, Head of Marketing and Market Development at PiSA sales

Playing it safe: CRM from the Cloud

Whenever personal data is being processed, companies are usually particularly cautious. For Customer Relationship Management (CRM), many companies had long only trusted their own IT infrastructure. However, there has been a gradual shift in thinking, one that the Berlin-based software company PiSA sales had taken note of. “A flexible IT infrastructure that allows them to react flexibly to new market developments is becoming increasingly important for many companies," says Dirk Kosellek, Head of Marketing and Market Development at PiSA sales. The company has been active in the industry for 30 years and offers CRM software modules for marketing, service and sales. "This is one reason why there has been a significant increase recently in the demand for CRM services that can be used as required."

Sensitive customers want uncompromising IT security

That’s why PiSA sales now offers its CRM system not only for on-premises installation, but also on demand from the cloud. However, before the offer was taken up by customers, the Berlin-based company first had to overcome a number of challenges. Particularly in the CRM environment, companies demand uncompromising IT security and data protection at the highest level. "Our customers are conservative in this respect. After all, CRM systems process personal data, so this is completely understandable," says Kosellek. In addition, PiSA sales was not satisfied with the price/performance ratio of its previous cloud provider.

Data security and data protection: multiple-certified data centers

In searching for an adequate cloud alternative, PiSA sales was convinced by Deutsche Telekom's Solution Partner Program. As part of this program, Telekom supports companies in bringing their software solutions into the Open Telekom Cloud so that they can market them as needed. PiSA sales’ customers now book the CRM system from Deutsche Telekom's highly secure German data centers in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. For the implementation of the solution in the cloud, as a Solution Partner, PiSA sales received a workshop as well as telephone advice from Telekom experts.

"Telekom's reputation as a reliable cloud provider"

Telekom's data centers in Saxony-Anhalt have already been certified several times for a particularly high level of data security and data protection. The Open Telekom Cloud, for example, meets the requirements of the Trusted Cloud Date Protection Profile (TCDP) in Version 1.0. This attests that Telekom's public cloud solution is currently one of the few offerings on the market to have a legally compliant data protection certification for defined cloud services.
Since then, the number of customers using PiSA sales' CRM system from the cloud has steadily grown. "30 percent of our customers are now using the cloud variant," says Kosellek, "and the trend is still rising. Deutsche Telekom's reputation as a reliable cloud provider with a high level of security and data protection has played a decisive role here.”

Details about the PiSA sales reference

PiSA sales offers software solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Any Relationship Management (XRM) in an SME environment. The CRM system of the Berlin-based company, founded in 1989, is one of the most powerful on the German market. It completely covers marketing, sales and service processes and thus goes far beyond the usual CRM functions. PiSA sales relies on the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Competition from hyperscalers such as Microsoft and Salesforce in CRM requires constant development.
  • Customers are increasingly demanding needs-based usage models.
  • High sensitivity in the area of CRM/XRM with regard to data security and data protection.
  • Unsatisfactory price/performance ratio of its previous cloud provider.
  • The Open Telekom Cloud's computing and storage capacities from multiple-certified data centers located in Germany.
  • Use of several virtual machines and Object Based Storage (OBS).
  • Participation in the Telekom Solution Partner Program.
  • On-site support from Telekom during implementation.
  • Very good price/performance ratio.
  • Growing number of customers using PiSA sales CRM from the cloud instead of on-premises.
  • Marketing support for PiSA sales from Telekom.
  • The "Deutsche Telekom" brand stands for seriousness and therefore helps in the marketing of its solution.
  • Joint trade fair appearances.
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