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A powerful network infrastructure connects Phonak’s 40 sites around the globe. Thanks to better response times, the hearing systems specialist has increased agility and cut costs.

Phonak: A scalable, high-performance network

Phonak, a rapidly growing company, needed a new, more powerful global voice and data network infrastructure capable of accommodating future expansion. It also wanted to operate its applications centrally, accelerate response times, and allow a certain degree of freedom for individual sites. T-Systems was tasked with creating and operating a secure wide area network (WAN) on the basis of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology. Phonak’s heterogeneous local networks, scattered all over the globe, were integrated into this state-of-the-art infrastructure, and all sites were hooked up to central data centers. All employees are now connected to the new network, and communicate securely thanks to encryption.

Streamlined workflows thanks to traffic prioritization

The global wide area network prioritizes time-sensitive applications and services such as SAP data, voice communications, and video conferencing over email traffic. This improves critical response times, which in turn accelerates workflows and strengthens international collaboration – saving Phonak time and money. The system also guarantees high availability for software used in sales and R&D. What’s more, the network can be expanded in line with mergers and acquisitions, and bandwidth can be scaled up and down.
The network is designed to accommodate future growth and protect Phonak’s valuable investment, and is in operation 24/7. A single point of contact and T-Systems’ service desk field the hearing systems specialist’s queries and trouble tickets. In addition, T-Systems monitors operations around the clock. Thanks to these measures, Phonak’s average time-to-resolution was reduced by over 50 percent, and the number of incidents by 50 percent.

More about Phonak customer reference

  • Phonak, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland
  • Has been developing, manufacturing and marketing hearing systems and radio solutions for over 60 years
  • Part of the Sonova Group, which has over 60 sites around the world
  • Over 6,800 employees across 40 subsidiaries
  • Revenues in 2009: around 800 million euros
  • Implementing a high-performance corporate network
  • Accelerating voice and data transmission around the globe
  • Migration to a standardized infrastructure
  • Provisioning an ICT solution that can accommodate rapid growth
  • Ensuring better support for sales via a centralized and standardized IT landscape
  • Implementation and operation of a WAN on the basis of MPLS
  • Centralized operations of applications, traffic prioritization
  • End-to-end responsibility for operating heterogeneous legacy networks (rudimentary Internet-based VPN solutions)
  • Local Internet connections for better response times
  • Bandwidth can be scaled up and down between 2 and 10 Mb/s
  • 7x24 availability, central around-the-clock monitoring
  • Single point of contact and service desk
  • Average time-to-resolution and number of incidents halved
  • Accelerated administrative workflows
  • The network is designed to accommodate future growth and protect investment; integrating new sites in response to M&As and re-structuring is quick and simple
  • The company can rapidly respond to market demands and structural changes
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