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"In close collaboration with T-Systems,  we have created considerable added value with minimal additional expenditure. The new service makes a great contribution to customer loyalty, and we can sense that already."
Hermann Költringer, Managing Director for Key Account Management and Business Development Transport, Quehenberger Logistics

On the road with Roambee for more transport security and customer loyalty

By using the Shipment & Asset Monitoring solution from T-Systems based on Roambee technology, Quehenberger Logistics is reducing the risk of theft and delay considerably.
Today, Quehenberger Logistics is a well-established, full-service logistics partner involved in many supply chains in important industries including textiles, pharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer goods, retail, electronics, and many more. Quehenberger Logistics uses intermodal transport to ship goods across countries and continents reliably and according to individual needs. It also maintains a large warehouse for its customers. It focuses on the regions Central and Eastern Europe. However, criminals who have systematically predicted when valuable freight will appear lie in wait along many transport routes. Unpredictable activities that waste time, such as customs processing, also occur constantly during goods transport. Together with T-Systems, Quehenberger Logistics has now applied its digitalization and automation strategy to the area of transport security as well. By doing so, the logistics specialist succeeded not only in reducing the risk of theft to almost zero but also in creating significant added value for customer loyalty. It uses Shipment & Asset Monitoring powered by Roambee, a tracking and monitoring solution realized by T-Systems and customized to suit Quehenberger Logistics' special requirements.

Quehenberger Logistics is now reacting proactively

The Bee devices, which are attached to the freight and equipped with sensors, report all of the important values in real-time. These values include location, temperature, manipulation, humidity, light, change of position, pressure, and movement. If the sensors detect deviations from the predefined permissible values, the party responsible for transport in the control tower at Quehenberger Logistics receives an alarm notification. For example, this happens if a container remains at a certain location for too long, if the temperature of medication increases, or if expensive textiles are at risk of traveling a course plotted by thieves. The responsible parties no longer need to rely on statements made by carriers; now they have the facts on their screens and can immediately initiate measures or inform customers. In the next step, the smart solution will be integrated into the overall system at Quehenberger Logistics, so it will be able to automatically transfer transport paths and data with no need for this information to be entered twice. Quehenberger Logistics benefits from the personal advising and the secure overall solution provided by T-Systems. Logistics customers benefit from increased transparency and security, and in the future they will be able to take advantage of an even more informative customer portal from their preferred logistics partner: Quehenberger Logistics.
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