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"The better we analyze previous inquiries, the greater the probability that future projects will be successful."
Hector Ruiz, New Business Development, WeylChem International GmbH

Improved exchange with the Salesforce Sales Cloud

WeylChem operates internationally and relies on the Salesforce Sales Cloud to make use of the benefits of digitization. The goal is closer relationships with customers, who expect a fast and professional response to inquiries. The company uses Salesforce’s professional CRM system to quickly exchange critical project information within the corporate group – no matter whether colleagues are sitting directly opposite or 5,000 kilometers away.
The standardized CRM solution serves as a useful aid for WeylChem’s Sales employees and specialist departments’ everyday work and improves productivity. The solution could also be connected to the existing SAP ERP system without any major effort. The central customer management system for Sales and service entry allows the company to minimize errors. Thanks to this solution, collaboration is strengthened and work processes are now much more transparent.
WeylChem procures its Salesforce licenses from Telekom, which operates a data center in Germany together with the CRM specialist. In addition, Telekom ensured that Salesforce was implemented within the customer’s existing tool and process landscape. To proof that WeylChem processes all data in the cloud in compliance with the strict European data protection laws, the company has concluded a General Data Protection Agreement with Telekom. The company has thus placed its trust in modern cloud infrastructures that provide maximum data protection standards – and thus meet the demands of its customers, who expect strict confidentiality.

Always up to date

Thanks to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, all employees are now kept continuously up to date on the status of projects – and no longer have to constantly make calls and write e-mails. Critical information regarding projects, such as prices, quantities, recipes, confidentiality agreements and e-mails are filed systematically so that all those involved can view them – even using a mobile device.
WeylChem also compiles revenue forecasts for the coming years in just a few clicks and prepares reports for the management level – tasks that would involve a great deal of effort without Salesforce. The company also uses Salesforce to track the success rate of its projects. The idea behind this: the better the previous inquiries can be analyzed, the greater the probability that future projects will be successful.

WeylChem International GmbH

WeylChem International GmbH produces specialty chemicals for leading chemical companies with an additional focus on synthesis services for the agrochemical, plastics and cosmetics industries. The company operates internationally and has sites in France, Italy and the US, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. WeylChem employs almost 2,000 people and generated revenue of EUR 620 million in 2017.
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