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On track with Dynamic Services: by leveraging T-Systems’ resources and expertise, Swiss Federal Railroad (SBB) is able to concentrate on its core competencies.

SBB – Swiss Federal Railroad: Access to scalable IT resources

Every year, Swiss Federal Railroad (SBB) transports over 350 million passengers and around 50 million net tonnes of freight. To ensure everything and everyone arrives in the right place at the right time, Switzerland’s leading travel and transport company needs reliable, high-performance IT systems. That’s why SBB decided to outsource its IT infrastructure to T-Systems. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary assumed responsibility for the entire central infrastructure, with data centers, mainframes, databases, storage systems, security solutions, and server farms, plus disaster recovery. Moreover, the ICT service provider is tasked with the operation of mission-critical platforms and applications. This includes the system used to control all the train movements on the rail network. A dual-core strategy is deployed to ensure high availability: all applications and data are mirrored in two data centers at different locations.

No need for capital expenditure on hardware and software

SBB has made a strategic decision to migrate its IT to a T-Systems’ Dynamic Services platform. This delivers scalable resources in accordance with fluctuating demand – and at very short notice: additional capacity can be made available within three days. “With this service, we reap the benefits of unparalleled flexibility, without having to operate our own infrastructure.” That’s how Andreas Blum sums up the advantages of Dynamic Services, helping SBB avoid expensive idle capacity designed for peak load. His company only pays for the services it actually uses, and enjoys savings of up to 30 percent in comparison to conventional solutions. What’s more, there is no need for capital expenditure on hardware and software.

More about SBB – Swiss Federal Railroad customer reference

  • The leading travel and transport company in Switzerland
  • The company is split into four divisions: passenger traffic, freight traffic (SBB Cargo), infrastructure and real estate
  • Management of 3,000-kilometer railroad network with over 800 stations
  • Approx. 28,000 employees
  • Transports around 350 million passengers and 50 million tonnes of freight annually.
  • Offer a solution able to handle fluctuating load at an affordable price
  • Provide scalable ICT resources and complete visibility into services delivered and cost
  • Manage the entire core IT infrastructure
  • Meet high requirements in terms of system stability
  • Streamline a complex landscape with over 100 different services: mainframes, databases, e-mail, Internet access, web services, real-time information systems, etc.
  • Implement a cost-effective solution for in-house
  • Full-service outsourcing
  • Scalable provisioning of IT resources via Dynamic Services
  • Dynamic, pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Integration into a standardized data-center environment
  • Dynamic partitioning of processors, storage and I/O channels
  • Development of a disaster recovery plan
  • Mirrored data centers – dual-core strategy
  • Dynamic Services for Microsoft® Exchange via a messaging and collaboration platform, including BlackBerry and OneBridge Mobile integration.
  • IT resources on demand and improved performance
  • Elimination of costly excess capacity
  • No capital expenditure on hardware and software
  • Lower costs though dynamic pay-as-you-go pricing based on actual consumption
  • Up to 30 percent savings in comparison to a conventional solution
  • High availability thanks to a dual-core strategy
  • Scale-up within three days, scale-down within one working day