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Following its carve-out from Bosch, SEG Automotive is off to a flying start with its own IT infrastructure. Salesforce and T‑Systems were the company’s go-to providers for two important sub-projects.

Carve-out a success thanks to Salesforce and T‑Systems

Since January 1, 2018, SEG Automotive Germany GmbH, formerly a Bosch division, has been an independent company. This included the need to create its own independent IT infrastructure, which is typical for a carve-out. Other typical – but by no means trivial – traits include tight timeframes and the opportunity to optimize the IT landscape. The end result is that the new company is starting smoothly – in a pretty much literal sense, given that SEG Automotive is one of the world’s leading suppliers of starter motors, generators and components for electrification for the automotive industry.
SEG Automotive combined the technology of Salesforce with the implementation services of T‑Systems to complete two sub-projects. All the necessary systems were installed and data migrated from June through October 2017. To be precise, this included new workflow and task management systems and a new community platform for the over 8,000 employees working in 16 locations in the most important automobile markets in the world. All these systems were developed using cloud-based technology from Salesforce, in keeping with the company’s ‘cloud first’ strategy.

SEG Automotive is harnessing the processing power of the cloud

On-premises workflow and task management at Bosch has been replaced with maximum automation using cloud-based Salesforce. Vital business processes, such as human resources, controlling, finance, logistics and quality management, are controlled centrally and can be accessed from anywhere via a standardized platform. Interfaces are also used to transfer data on an automated basis with all relevant systems, such as SAP – and all without any middleware. SEG Automotive employees all over the world can now also use the new cloud-based community platform to communicate, collaborate and interact with one another. Thanks to Salesforce and T‑Systems, SEG Automotive is benefiting from two efficient and flexible cloud-based solutions that are both low-maintenance and forward-thinking.
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