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“I needed a long-term cloud provider that not only offered a flexible payment model, but also enabled automatic scaling.”
Arno Klein, Segusoft GmbH

Segusoft GmbH: Open Telekom Cloud – Secure basis for innovative startup solution

Bavarian startup Segusoft has developed a solution that is unique in this form: thanks to Segulink, users can send files of any size with end-to-end encryption – simply via the web browser or directly from Office 365. With previous public cloud services, however, operation was not optimal. 
When it came to exchanging data, companies soon found that they had a problem: there was simply no straightforward solution that didn’t require additional software and yet offered reliable encryption, as well as allowing files of any size. Arno Klein, founder of the Bavarian startup Segusoft, has now developed such a solution. With Segulink, companies can send messages and files of any size as they require, without any additional software whatsoever and directly via the web browser – end-to-end encryption included.
For operation and development, the company used to have two different cloud providers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) for software development and testing, and another provider for operation. “Although AWS is relatively handy and straightforward, for my customers and me the provider was only an option for development and not for operation, for data protection reasons,” says Arno Klein. 
Therefore, the entrepreneur used a second cloud provider to operate Segulink in the cloud. “This was a really laborious setup,” says Klein. “I also wanted to offer my customers the option of needs-based billing. But to do this, I needed a long-term cloud provider that not only offered a flexible payment model, but also enabled automatic scaling.” 

All in one: Open Telekom Cloud

The solution: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from the Open Telekom Cloud. The certified, high-security Deutsche Telekom computer centres are located in the German state Saxony-Anhalt. All of the data here is subject to strict German data protection regulations. Thanks to the pay-as-you-go approach, Segusoft only pays for the resources it requires. 
In addition, Klein now uses the Open Telekom Cloud’s autoscaling function: on the basis of predefined rules, the system automatically books resources depending on requirements – and releases them again as soon as the server load decreases. “This lets me kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, I minimise my business risk thanks to the flexible scalability, and on the other, I can pass on the billing advantages directly to my customers,” says Klein. 

Deutsche Telekom and Segusoft growing together

Although it only entered the market in 2016, Segusoft is already very successful today. The only marketing and sales activities so far, however, have been through trade fair appearances and personal contacts. This is set to change in the future, with the help of Deutsche Telekom, because Segusoft is not only an Open Telekom Cloud user, but also a future Deutsche Telekom partner. “This means that everyone involved can benefit: our medium-sized customers find out about the practical Segulink solution, in turn the startup comes into contact with medium-sized companies, and we have an additional, unique partner solution which currently exists nowhere else,” says Dirk Heidemann from Deutsche Telekom Partner Sales. 

More about the Segusoft reference

  • Segusoft is an ambitious startup company, based in Spardorf, Bavaria in the south of Germany
  • Established in 2016
  • Previously, Segusoft had two providers: AWS for development and another cloud provider for operation
  • Customers attach most importance to data security and data protection
  • Thus, further operating the solution with AWS was not an option
  • The other cloud provider, who operated Segulink, offered no opportunity for automatic scaling
  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources from certified, high-security Deutsche Telekom computer centres 
  • Spontaneous scaling at any time
  • Autoscaling function
  • Strict German data protection
  • Requirements-based billing
  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • Computing capacities are fully scalable at any time 
  • Development and operation in the same environment
  • Segulink is now combinable with Office 365 as well – also from the TelekomCLOUD
  • Partnership: Deutsche Telekom customers benefit from the new, secure and innovative solution
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