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No more waiting: new Voice over IP network from T-Systems.

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SV SparkassenVersicherung's new Voice over IP network from T-Systems makes it easier for customers to reach service staff. Claims can be handled more quickly and operating costs for the voice network have been reduced.
Many companies still use traditional PABX systems. That can be a disadvantage. Especially when, over time, companies end up having to operate a number of different TC systems at several locations, raising their operating costs.
A new Voice over IP network has allowed Germany's largest insurer of building structures to reduce network operating costs and improve both flexibility and customer service. The VoIP network facilitates central management of 3,500 telephones at six locations.
In the customer service and claims department, a call center solution with high routing intelligence ensures that every customer reaches the right specialist for their request. The solution also provides the foundation for other innovative applications.

More about SV SparkassenVersicherung customer reference

  • SV SparkassenVersicherung is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany:
  • German market leader in the building structures insurance industry
  • The company combines the insurance range of products offered by the savings banks (Sparkassen) of the federal states Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Thuringia.
  • More than SV 650 branches
  • SV also enjoys the support of the entire Sparkassen branch network comprised of 106 Sparkassen banks
  • Replacement of the local communication network and the outdated PABXs from various manufacturers
  • Roll-out of a modern, flexible voice communications solution
  • Establishment of more efficient administration and resources management
  • Roll-out of a Voice over IP solution in order to network sites throughout Germany
  • Consolidation of Cisco Voice over IP technology and Genesys CallCenter system into an innovative call center solution
  • Development of an agent cockpit for managing availability
  • Roll-out of single sign-on
  • SV employees can work from any workstation or location of their choice
  • Better customer service as a result of improved availability of SV employees
  • Scalable solution enables flexible and efficient deployment of employees
  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of central administration
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