T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

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"Companies with global networks and a strong focus on Europe are in good hands at T-Systems." – GlobalData 2018
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

Company assessment Deutsche Telekom – Business Services Europe and Product Assessment Network Access and VPNs

In its current analyst report on business services in Europe, GlobalData ranks Deutsche Telekom as a leading communications and network services provider once again, positioning the company as a leader in Enterprise IT Services as well as the segments Network Access and VPNs, and Data Center and Cloud Services. One of the decisive factors indicated was the company’s rating as a leader in the categories of Vision and Strategy, Momentum and Stability as well as Support and Service. In the categories of Innovation, Product Portfolio and Go-to-Market, GlobalData ranks the company’s services as “very strong.”
The company’s high credibility, reliability and financial strength were the deciding factors behind this assessment, in addition to the modern Telekom and T-Systems network that is in the final stages of moving to all-IP, thus promising lower costs and faster realization of services in the future.

Strengths of Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems according to Global Data:

  • A secure, robust and modernized global network that is in the final stages of moving to all-IP
  • Strong LAN and WLAN services with cloud management and pro-port utility options
  • Security features are integrated at high priority from the very beginning for all new services
  • Continued internationalization through global partners, investments and network connections
  • Implementation of a seamlessly integrated service distribution is likely to be realized sooner than with other providers
  • Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) with 400 experts at six locations worldwide, which support product development
  • With more than EUR 22 billion, the largest telecommunications company in Europe by sales

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