T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

Leader in networking and IT services in Europe

"T-Systems has continued to develop its own SD-WAN products with various technology partners in order to meet customer requirements ... to keep best of MPLS ...providing the best direct network links, offering highly flexible WIFI & SD-LAN based services, and eventually rolling out 5G Campus Networks." – GlobalData, April 2019
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

Deutsche Telekom – Leader in Business Network & IT Services in Europe, April 2019

Telekom always has an eye on the latest technology trends. GlobalData has confirmed this and again classified the telecommunications company as the leading communication and network service provider in Europe according to their latest analyst report on Business Services in Europe. In the benchmark, the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems is rated a leader in Business Network & IT Services in the categories Vision and Strategy, Momentum and Stability, and Service and Support. It also shows leadership in the segments Data Center and Cloud Services and Network Access and VPNs. In addition, GlobalData considers the offering in the areas of Innovation, Product Portfolio and Go-to-Market to be "very strong."
Decisive criteria for the evaluation include high credibility, outstanding quality and financial strength of the company in Germany and Europe. The Zero Outage Initiative and first-class network security make T-Systems a reliable partner – an aspect that their customer satisfaction surveys underscore. T-Systems also continued to develop its Enterprise IoT business and expanded its network and communications portfolio to address key technology trends in the areas of WAN, SD-WAN, LAN, SD-LAN and UCC as well as Enterprise Mobility, Managed Security and Cloud solutions.

The strengths of Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems through the eyes of GlobalData:

  • Largest telecommunications company in Europe and investments in America have increased fivefold in five years.
  • The Zero Outage initiative makes T-Systems a reliable partner, reducing network outages by 95%.
  • All new services and technology trends will be designed with security and safety functions as a priority (including ongoing research and development with 5G).
  • Development of an E2E Campus Network offer for B2B customers – use case successfully tested with Osram.
  • The position as a traditional SI and SaaS market leader in Germany lends credibility to European companies.
  • Many years of experience with hosted SAP, analytics, security, UCC and CRM solutions helps maintain relevance in the area of managed services.
  • A credible strategy for the European market to reduce costs and increase profitability by 2021.

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