Stefan Vilsmeier, founder of Brainlab, invented a type of GPS navigation system for the human body to support surgeons.

Navigating the human body

Stefan Vilsmeier is known in the medical field as a prodigy and visionary. Twenty days into semester, he broke off his university studies, and in 1989 – at the ripe, young age of 21 – founded Brainlab. Vilsmeier dreamed of developing a device that guides surgeons during operations – a type of GPS navigation system for the human body. Today, Brainlab has 1,200 employees at 17 sites. The enterprise is a leader in image-guided surgery technology, with an internationally installed base of 5,000 software and hardware systems.
All data critical to Brainlab’s global operations resides in the Sales Cloud hosted by T-Systems partner Salesforce, granting field sales professionals access to the same facts and figures – any time, anywhere. And according to Brainlab COO Stephan Holl, this has “dramatically improved the sales process.”
In just a few simple steps, the 250-member sales staff can access key information on contacts at the customer organization, on Brainlab products already deployed, and on open and closed opportunities. Instead of tediously logging into multiple systems, as was previously the case, the sales team now uses a single front-end – frequently via iPad. As COO Holl observes, this simplification “has led to sharply increased efficiency and markedly higher employee satisfaction.” Furthermore, the platform has improved connectivity and communication among Brainlab customers, including hospitals in approximately 95 countries.

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