E2E monitoring helps CERTUSS to reduce costs – through maintenance at planned and optimal points in time.
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance based on IoT and big data

For 55 years, CERTUSS has manufactured steam generators for industrial purposes and supplies 99 different industries around the world. Steam generator outages can cause great damage and paralyze industrial processes.
Standardized E2E solution combining sensor technology and real-time data analysis: Winner of the 2016 Aecus Innovation Award. Transfer of sensor data via M2M communication to the Cloud of Things. Detection of anomalies via sensor data using big data technologies. Visualizations help experts evaluate errors. Early detection of potential damage helps avoid penalties and outage costs.

Trends & drivers

Predictive maintenance as a standardized plan-build-run solution
Proactive planning facilitates maintenance and repair approaches based on mathematical and statistical methods. The Internet of Things, M2M, high-performance sensor technology and big data form the basis of digital maintenance scenarios.

Customer requirements

Reduced costs through maintenance at planned and optimal points in time. Damage avoidance through the replacement of parts before outage losses can occur. Competitive advantage: increasing availability and improved reliability improves customer satisfaction.

The solution

  • Integrated and modular end-to-end solution for mobile and stationary capital goods (machinery/vehicles):
    • M2M solution: On-board units (OBU), data transfer and service platform
    • Analysis, evaluation and dashboard reporting conducted on a predictive maintenance/big data platform
    • Integration into existing solutions such as fleet and maintenance management systems
    • Individual predictive maintenance-related consulting services
  • Dynamic cloud services: Scalable through pay-per-use invoicing models
The benefits for the customer
... through predictive, condition-based maintenance
... through use of E2E and XaaS (usage- and goods-based invoicing models)
Services offered on the predictive maintenance platform – no extensive training required
... thanks to a pay-per-use pricing model
Early replacement of damaged components
... through prediction and avoidance of component faults
Simple integration of additional machine parameters
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Starter kits for IoT
The new IoT bundles with analysis functions are now available for easy access to the Internet of Things (IoT).