Die Cloud Billing Solution für die nutzungsabhängige Abrechnung ist die Antwort auf moderne Pay-as-you-Use-Geschäftsmodelle.
Digital billing system

Cloud billing

Flexible, usage-based billing for modern pay-as-you-use business models

A rapid transformation is occurring in the context of products and services. Instead of buying a product, customers are increasingly using individual services that they can pay for based on actual use. For providers, this new business opportunity is quickly becoming a billing challenge. That’s because existing billing solutions are not capable of representing these usage-based price models, especially when revenue sharing models and service-providing partners come into play. Another challenge is that companies do not want to initiate complex, protracted software projects to deal with billing. 

The solution: software-as-a-service

Cloud Billing from T-Systems offers you a secure, comprehensive usage-to-cash solution from the cloud for all pay-per-use price models. The service covers the entire process, from front end for ordering services to billing and payment. At the same time, the solution makes it easy to integrate partners who participate at various stages and to monetize separately. The support level ranges from self-managed to fully managed service. The choice is yours.

Cloud billing: Services from T-Systems

  • Decrease TCO: Elimination of billing silos and reduction of operating costs by up to 80%
  • Reach new customers: Introduction of usage-based services with partners
  • Improve your services: Establishment of overarching customer services, e.g. network-spanning tickets
  • Digitalize your processes: Switch to eBilling, e.g. in public ordering processes and payment
  • Realize new revenues: Infrastructure operators, e.g. airports that offer VIP services
  • Introduce prepaid services: For example, in energy supply
  • Integrate IoT usage platforms: Management of usage-based payment flows, e.g. in the smart city
  • Bill IT services: Usage-based cost distribution in the company, especially for cloud services
  • Rapid go-to-market for new business models
  • An E2E billing solution for all billing processes
  • Usage-based price model
  • Billing solution from the cloud from highly secure computer centers subject to German law
Experience business value: Proof of concept
  • Term: 3 months
  • Scope definition in workshops
  • Live demonstration of your selected
  • usage-to-cash scenarios
  • Recommendations for the next steps and consideration of business cases
  • From 15,000 euros
Lina Burchert
Lina Burchert

Sales Manager SaaS Cloud Billing & Migration

Cloud Billing, your enabler for new business models.

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