The collaboration solution Fit4Collaboration is a combination of proven methodology and tools that offers fast migration.

Cloud-based collaboration solution for happy customers

The competition is growing in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry. Companies need to reduce their IT costs and optimize their processes, e. g. when it comes to e-mail platforms.
Fit4Collaboration is a combination of proven methodology and tools that offers fast migration from Lotus Notes or old Microsoft versions to Exchange, SharePoint or Skype for Business. Implementation of dynamic services for collaboration in the private cloud or hybrid with Office 365. Complete migration of 40,000 jobs from Lotus Notes to Microsoft. E-mail archiving with ImageMaster®. Incorporation of individual customer requirements Company strategy, process landscape, ICT service architecture, compliance and security. 20 percent lower operating costs through use of cloud service.

Trends & Drivers

With its Fit4Collaboration, T-Systems is the only provider of migration at a fixed price and also offers end-to-end responsibility in the cloud
While T-Systems' customer operates in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, its competitors tend to focus on only one of these areas New technologies enable the optimization of the increasingly important global collaboration, e.g. Microsoft solutions or Enterprise Content Management.

Customer requirements

Increased competition is forcing companies to be more frugal with their investments in IT and operations while ensuring high quality information. Replacement of Lotus Notes because it is under-developed, has limited capacity for integration and many nonstandard features. Implementing modern work tools, simple access to centrally stored data and applications, and options for mobile work.

The solution

  • Fit4Collaboration facilitates the migration of the client's current business landscape to a new landscape comprising Dynamic Services for Collaboration provided in the cloud 
  • Messaging: Automated migration of mailboxes from Exchange and Lotus to Exchange in the cloud
  • Collaboration: Migration of Lotus application and introduction of SharePoint
  • Communication: Migration to Skype for Business / Teams
  • Long-term archive: Implementation of ImageMaster®
  • Cloud Services  and Dynamic Services for Collaboration and Archiving Service
The benefits for the customer
Harmonized collaboration across different teams, e.g., through access to a single company address book
Fewer servers and data centers, lower operating costs in the cloud (centralized IT operations), fixed price per user and month
... through central ImageMaster® which ensures compliance with archiving obligations
... through a proven, standardized transaction and delivery model
... in accordance with strict German data protection criteria by using T-Systems’ Private Cloud
Efficiency across all business units and uniform communication and collaboration integrated into business processes through access (also via mobile devices) to consistent data
... through optimized development processes and use of efficient collaboration functions 
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