Connected Car Security ensures data security for in-vehicle mobile services.
Automotive E2E Security

Secure mobile services for vehicle networking

By 2025, over 50 million vehicles will be online around the world.
Progress in the automotive industry will be based on interconnected functions, digital interfaces and new transfer methods. Without them, infotainment, assistance systems and online services could not be provided at such high quality. Permanent interconnectivity with other vehicles, back-end systems and traffic infrastructures, increases the risk of manipulation. The higher number of areas susceptible to attack dramatically increases the need for comprehensive vehicle protection. This calls for end2end security covering the back-end, mobile communications and the vehicle’s interior.

Trends & drivers

Data security for in-vehicle mobile services
Increased interconnectivity in the automotive sector means more areas of the automotive ecosystem are susceptible to attack. Integration of private hardware components improves user friendliness but also makes it more susceptible to problems.

Customer requirements

Security measures for existing in-vehicle mobile service infrastructure. Extension of existing function using own hardware. Opening of the infrastructure for external hardware (smartphones, smartwatches) while maintaining high security standards.

The solution

  • The introduction of new head units in vehicle models is intended to ensure that in-vehicle mobile services comply with new data security standards Continued use of the existing back-end functionality
  • Development of state-of-the-art security systems, e.g. through line encryption, message signatures, changing cryptographic procedures and new protocols
  • Smart access: customer can authenticate his/her identity via near field communication (NFC)
The benefits for the customer
Integrated unified security management: 24/7 surveillance with alerts and reports
Integrity, encryption
Risk mitigation, monitoring of standard behavior, detection of anomalies (divergences from standard behavior)
Comprehensive security concept and physical safeguarding of the platform also provided in high-security data centers
Monitored, recorded, audit-proof
Real-time identification and analysis of fraud and abuse
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