A standardized, digital E2E solution based on ImageMaster® Postbox and T-Systems’ data center – the E-Postbox.

Digitized omni-channel communication from the cloud

The sending out of millions of account statements and financial documents to end customers incurs enormous costs every year.
Failure on the part of financial and insurance companies to comply with the legally defined duty to inform can result in highly damaging penalties. Standardized, digital E2E solution based on ImageMaster® Postbox and T-Systems’ data center. Integration of company-specific processes and authentication methods. Management and audit-compliant archiving of documents. Flexible provision of documents across all communication channels. Compulsory printing enforces compliance with duty to inform.

Trends & drivers

ImageMaster® Postbox as a standardized plan-build-run solution – from implementation through to operation
Platforms, networks and big data technologies facilitate digitization in the banking and brokering sector. End customers are tending more and more toward digital communication channels that offer speed and flexibility.

Customer requirements

Reduced costs through reducing physical post to a minimum. Individualized customer communication through the flexible provision of documents via different communication channels (end-customer portal, by email/De-Mail, letter). Compliance to legal regulations through audit-compliant archiving.

The solution & USPs

  • Integrated, cloud-based end-to-end solution for audit-compliant archiving and management of end customers’ financial documents
    • Implementation of postbox on the basis of T-Systems' ECM solution ImageMaster®
    • Simple integration in company-specific processes and authentication methods
    • Cloud-based service in T-Systems data center
    • Guaranteed data storage in Germany
  • Basis: ImageMaster® postbox, cloud services
The benefits for the customer
Easy to integrate and cost-effective to operate
Compliance with sector-specific requirements and functions as well as with legal obligations
... through reduced letter volumes
... thanks to pay-per-use pricing model
... through use of cloud-based Software as a Service
... for greater competitive advantage and improved customer relations
... ensuring excellent document traceability through historical archiving of documents
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