To improve healthcare scheduling, Groote Schuur Hospital is using a cloud-based solution for multi-channel communication.
Healthcare Scheduling

Efficient staff and schedule planning for premature and newborn babies

To improve circumstances for prematurely born and newborn children, Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa is using an Intervate solution for improved health planning.
All prematurely born infants must undergo testing for conditions such as retinopathy. But this can be conducted only within a specific time frame. Parents must be informed about these time-sensitive tests and to avoid missing appointments. Qualified personnel must be scheduled accordingly to allow the corresponding tests to be carried out. A list of stand-by staff, weekend shifts and on-call duty and that takes into account legal regulations on working times must be created and maintained.

Trends & drivers

Cloud-based solution for efficient multi-channel communication
A cloud-based solution with no physical infrastructure. Communication with parents via SMS and USSD.

Customer requirements

Visit scheduling to ensure that all prematurely born babies are examined in time. Messaging system for efficient communication between hospital and parents that keeps costs for parents to a minimum. High degree of staff rotation while observing laws.

The solution

  • The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and uses Microsoft Azure as well as SMS and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, a transmission service used by GSM networks) services
  • Retinopathy examinations are planned according to time windows and staffing situations, and communicated to parents via text message
  • Parent can confirm or reject the appointment via a USSD application, invoicing takes place inversely 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is used for staff scheduling
  • The calendar provides a visual overview of the allocation of staff to locations, which staff are available, and the appointment times
  • The working time regulations are stored on PowerBI Dashboards which alerts when there is a violation
The benefits for the customer
... through use of cloud-based services with no infrastructure, and through SLA-regulated (Service Level Agreement) availability
... via SMS and USSD, also with low-income parents
Planning tool that can be used for all hospital areas
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is ready for future functionalities
Integration of marketing and social media measures in future developments
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