Through a combination of T-Systems and SAP technology, KAESER receives an end-to-end solution for machine maintenance.
Industry 4.0 Solution

Highly accurate predictive models for the maintenance field

KAESER is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of compressors and compressed air systems. Innovative “Compressed air as a Service” model that includes machine maintenance.
The compressors communicate with the M2M platform via a telecommunications network. The platforms manage data and forward them to SAP HANA. Predictive maintenance application establishes forecasting models. Application management in the SAP cloud via T-Systems. Transfer via internet or mobile telecommunications network. Predictive maintenance data are displayed via a smartphone or tablet app; technicians can respond directly. Early detection of potential damage, prevention of outage losses, improved customer satisfaction.

Trends & drivers

Predictive maintenance as a standardized plan-build-run solution – from implementation through to operation
Maintenance processes facilitated by M2M platforms, the cloud, networks, big data technologies and mobilization. Forecasting models enable dynamic, needs-based planning in servicing and maintenance.

Customer requirements

Reduced costs through planned maintenance at optimal times. Damage avoidance through the replacement of parts before outage losses can occur. Increasing availability and improved reliability improves customer satisfaction.

The solution

  • A combination of T-Systems and SAP technology produces a coherent, end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution for KAESER
  • SAP: Data storage, preparation and interpretation (SAP HANA and predictive maintenance) with SAP and HCP cloud services
  • Telekom/T-Systems: M2M platform, network, devices, connection, development of apps for smartphones and tablets, mobile device management (MDM)/enterprise mobility management (EMM), application management
The benefits for the customer
... thereby reducing the potential for outage damage and contractual penalties
... due to “as a Service” availability and an end-to-end approach
The platform is accessible via smartphones or tablets
... through the optimization of servicing intervals and situational maintenance
... for greater competitive advantage and improved customer relations
... through the simple integration of additional relevant parameters
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