Grenzebach’s G-Com system takes a goods-to-person approach: mini-robots carry the goods directly to the workstations.

Carry by name, carry by nature

Fast, agile, and powerful – meet Carry, the mini-robot from Grenzebach. This high-tech innovation addresses a common problem in warehouse logistics in the mail order sector: in conventional warehouses with static shelves, employees walk up to 18 kilometers per day during the picking process.
Grenzebach’s G-Com system takes a goods-to-person approach
Grenzebach’s G-Com system takes a goods-to-person approach; this automated solution brings the shelves directly to the workstation. The Grenzebach fleet management software is the core of the system; it coordinates and monitors the robots’ movements, ensuring that goods arrive at the right picking station at the right time. To accomplish this, the Carry robot moves beneath the shelf, lifts it, and conveys it to the workstation. There, state-of-the-art picking technologies such as lasers, scanners, and put-to-light further accelerate the process.
70% increased picking efficiency through use of intelligent robots.
Massive power in a small package: the mini-robots can travel at up to 60 meters per minute while carrying loads of up to 600 kilograms. When not carrying a load – on the way to retrieve a shelf, for example – they reach speeds of up to 90 meters per minute. What’s more, the scalable, automated system’s low purchase price ensures a rapid return on investment. An easy-to-use GUI makes learning how to operate the G-Com system simple and quick, and reduces the error rate during picking.
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