COMAND Online supports Mercedes' CRM and Dealer Management System as well as traffic and infotainment services.

Carpe diem in the cloud

In 2011, Daimler began equipping a number of Mercedes-Benz models with the COMAND Online multimedia system. The Daimler Vehicle Backend (DaiVB), operated by T-Systems in a private cloud, is deployed to configure applications in line with each car’s user interface, to distribute automatic updates and to launch new apps. From the onset of the project, the automobile manufacturer has proven itself an industry pioneer in the use of secure VPN technology and encryption for Internet communications.
And Daimler plans to build upon this reputation in its key growth markets, China and the USA. COMAND Online’s new functions will leverage a secure hosting infrastructure, where T-Systems operates the Daimler Vehicle Backend – providing Mercedes drivers with a system uptime of 99.9 percent. In addition to central platform and communication services (text messages, e-mail, push notifications), Daimler can also deploy its own internal apps, and products developed by and for dealers, fleet managers, logistics partners, and insurance companies.


Requirements_ According to PwC, annual global car sales are expected to grow from 83 million at present to 109 million by 2020. This will mean more road traffic and more pollution, and may just take much of the enjoyment out of getting behind the wheel. Daimler is taking steps to ensure that the Mercedes-Benz driving experience remains a pleasant one. In 2011, the manufacturer introduced COMAND Online, a multimedia system. Now it wants to broaden the system’s functional scope beyond Internet connectivity, telephony, and infotainment to offer new, uninterruptible, and highly secure communication services worldwide. Daimler’s Mercedes me and connect me are specially-designed to digitize driving and create an end-to-end customer experience.
Benefits_ By launching innovative online services, the automaker is expanding the digital driving experience for Mercedes-Benz and Smart customers. These services can, for example, simplify travel to a desired destination, assist in emergency situations, and reduce service and maintenance times. This not only strengthens customer and brand loyalty in a digital world, but also facilitates improvements to and expansion of the company’s internal manufacturing and logistics processes – including support for meeting the business requirements of fleet customers and organizations.


Requirements_ The automaker wanted to offer Mercedes-Benz customers new, highly-secure, real-time communication services relating to their vehicle and its environment. This requires that enormous data volumes be processed rapidly, and that partners, located around the globe, are integrated into a scalable platform. Services, such as the Connect me app and web applications, are available via the COMAND Online multimedia system and installed communication module – regardless of the vehicle’s current location. The solution includes real-time traffic information, diagnostics data, personal radio, and access to social networks. Against this background, a high level of data protection and security is required.
Solution_ T-Systems operates Mercedes-Benz’s high-availability communications and operating infrastructure in Asia, North America, and Europe. This guarantees 24/7 management worldwide, and 99.9 percent uptime. Device gateways and B2B interfaces connect the platform to Daimler’s IT landscape, supporting the company’s CRM and Dealer Management System, and traffic and infotainment services. T-Systems’ Connected Car platform is a driving force in the transition to this new generation of vehicles – accessed over 15 million times each day. The automobiles are connected via VPN to the worldwide back-end servers by means of a communication module with an integrated M2M SIM card. Deutsche Telekom is cooperating with international LTE network partners in key automotive markets around the world to ensure quick and secure VPN internet connections and stable mobile networks. An example of one such partner is China Mobile, the world’s largest cell-phone provider.
IN SHORT: Daimler can provide a range of online services and Mercedes-Benz applications through its multimedia system, COMAND Online, centrally from a private cloud. The new functions have improved efficiency, convenience and safety for drivers, and have reduced environmental impact.

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From its own CRM and dealer management system to real-time traffic information and infotainment, Daimler is broadening the scope of online services provided to its Mercedes models via a secure VPN Internet connection.