The optimization of parcel delivery through effective routes ensures short transportation times and simple returns procedures.
Next Generation Last Mile

Greater flexibility for recipients and couriers

Per year, almost 3 billion packages are dispatched within Germany.
30 percent of recipients are willing to pay additional fees for more flexible services. Significant increase in B2C dispatches: plus 10 percent! Quick, efficient deliveries, lower rate of returns. Recipients can influence the delivery process. Optimization of delivery areas based on volume of packages. Increased first delivery rates result in increased customer satisfaction.

Trends & drivers

By integrating recipients and improving routes, T-Systems succeeds in optimizing package delivery services
Package transport services are increasingly characterized by flexibility and fast delivery times. Big data-based forecasting methods facilitate optimized, customer-oriented delivery and effective route planning.

Customer requirements

Short transportation times, simple returns procedures and reduced postal costs. Higher first delivery rates, improved customer satisfaction and lower costs. Recipients want transparent delivery services and the ability to influence delivery time and place.

The solution

  • Automatic real-time messaging regarding delivery times
  • Recipients change requests can be responded to
  • Information for deliverer is automatically updated on tablets or smartphones
  • Optimized route planning that also takes external factors such as weather and traffic into account
  • Based on the most effective rather than fixed routes
  • Turn-by-turn navigation for the deliverer
  • Agile development through internal start-up PaketChef
The benefits for the customer
... for dispatcher and courier thanks to optimized route planning
... due to “as a Service” availability and an end-to-end approach
... of the platform without requiring extensive introduction
Accurate delivery forecasts increase first delivery rates and customer satisfaction
Modern integration platforms facilitate the easy inclusion of additional partners
... thanks to a pay-per-use pricing model
... through greater appeal to customers
New sources of income through new services
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