The concept of parcel delivery 2.0 is based on the mIAS solution developed by T-Systems and the software partner MicroStrategy.

The future of parcel services?

E-commerce revenue in Germany is expected to double by 2017 – reaching approximately 70 billion euros. But as online sales have increased, so too has the number of failed delivery attempts for e-purchases – generally because the buyer was not at home. The schedules of DHL and other couriers simply do not align with the working lives of many online shoppers. These fruitless trips cost time and money, and have environmental repercussions.
However, T-Systems may have found a way to avoid this waste. The company is working on a new concept: couriers and grocery delivery services drop off their parcels at the customer’s car. A secure, one-time access code is sent to the driver’s smartphone, allowing them to deposit the package directly in the recipient’s trunk.
38.7 bn Euros were generated by online sales in Germany in 2013. This is a 17 percent year-on-year increase.
Retailer Edeka and a major car manufacturer have completed a successful fi eld trial of the new delivery concept, based on the mIAS solution developed jointly by T-Systems and software partner MicroStrategy. Employees from the auto company who shop at Edeka had their groceries delivered directly to their cars, which were parked on the car manufacturer’s premises. The courier locates the correct automobile via GPS using their cell phone. The system authenticates the person’s identity before granting access. It only opens the trunk of the car, and relocks it as soon as the goods have been deposited. The T-Systems solution is easy to implement, and may completely change the face of e-commerce.implementieren.
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