Pick by Vision is a smart order picking system and tailored to the needs of Industry 4.0.
Augmented Reality

A smart order picking system supported by augmented reality

Order picking system based on augmented reality.
Comprehensive information for users. Use of see-through data eyewear. Can be paired with any third-party software. Can be used by multiple people simultaneously. Highly scalable thanks to option of adding new smart glass devices per plug-in. Pick by Vision can be used as a stand-alone solution, as an extension of T-Systems’ Global Integrated Manufacturing Manager (gIMM), and in connection with a manufacturing execution system (MES) or other systems. gIMM is a solution that synchronizes the delivery chains of car manufacturers and suppliers, allowing for improved tracking, production monitoring and warehousing – just in time, just in sequence.

Trends & drivers

Pick by Vision is tailored to the needs of Industry 4.0
Efficient processes thanks to the standardized use of augmented reality. Solution is Industry 4.0 ready.

Customer requirements

Innovative solution for order picking processes with greater scalability. Made for Industry 4.0: it only requires an IT infrastructure, no changes to the picking shelves. Can be linked with internal and external systems.

The solution

  • Using augmented reality, virtual elements are integrated into real environments via data eyewear. This stimulates the user’s senses and heightens his/her perception of objects
  • Based on technologies such as “Vision and Voice”, Pick by Vision offers customers an innovative logistics solution that improves the picking and putting procedures in warehouses
    • An example: A large car manufacturer is currently using a gIMM LINCS Pick-to-Vision demo version for its batch picking of components for delivery to other large car manufacturers. The gIMM Pick-to-Vision solution uses the Vuzix M100 data eyewear but works independently of the hardware. The solution will be equipped with optimized hardware as soon as it becomes available
The benefits for the customer
... reduces operating times and facilitates more complex processes
Users are able use the system within minutes
... by allowing new devices to be added for new users
... improves picking and provides operations-related information
Warehouse and picking shelves do not require modifying
Pick by Voice guides the user and reduces the potential for human error
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