T-Systems operates the largest SAP System from the cloud. This way, the customer can adjust the required capacities on demand.

The largest, cloud-based SAP production system in the world

T-Systems operates the world’s largest cloud-based SAP production system. This dedicated ERP solution delivers 713,000 SAPS for close to 143,000 people within a single customer organization on a daily basis. Currently, a total of some 250 enterprises around the globe lever age the services provided by the T-Systems Dynamic Cloud Platform – and with good reason. Over the course of ten years, T-Systems has made significant investment in the platform, resulting in best-in-class services and excellent investment protection. Businesses of many shapes and sizes, from mid-size companies to global players, benefit from standardized cloud services that can be scaled up or down in line with changing demand.
Working in close partnership, T-Systems and SAP have offered SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud services since 2013. Where required, customers can test-drive the offering during a proof-of-concept phase. This can be for periods as short as three months, for a variety of HANA sizes, and includes all SAP licenses. The largest SAP HANA installation currently in a production environment comprises 48 terabytes. It harnesses in-memory technology to generate huge increases in speed. In total, T-Systems delivers more than 40 million SAPS to over 2.6 million cloud-based SAP users in production environments.
T-Systems operates the world’s largest, cloud-based SAP ERP system, delivering 713,000 SAPS to almost 143,000 users within a single customer organization each and every day.
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