Truck toll in Belgium: Successful implementation of an intelligent GPS-based toll system, completed in less than two years.
Toll system in Belgium

Intelligent toll system set up in record time

Successful implementation of an intelligent GPS-based toll system in Belgium, completed in less than two years.
For all trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 3.5 tons. Migration to a sustainable and fair toll system. 600,000 vehicle devices supplied. Approximately 130,000 vehicles subject to toll charges per working day. System facilitates toll collection on 154,000 kilometers of road. Over 120 service points in five countries. EETS-compliant (European Electronic Tolling Service).

Trends & drivers

The Large-scale project was quickly transformed into an operational system
Fair system based on a user-pays principle. A more sustainable and more honest traffic taxation system.

Customer requirements

Vehicles charged via distance-controlled tolling (without toll stations), to promote uncongested traffic. From an idea to a fully operating system in less than two years.

The solution & USPs

  • Implementation of an intelligent tolling system for trucks on April 1, 2016
  • Concept, development and maintenance of the IT systems based on many years of experience in the toll collection field
  • Establishment of operating company Satellic NV with shareholding by T-Systems (76 percent)
  • Registration and equipping trucks with devices
  • Operation of an intelligent tolling system for at least 12 years
  • Successful large-scale project: implementation of a functioning tolling system in record-breaking time
The benefits for the customer
Promotes ecofriendlier use of vehicles
... from around EUR 750 million generated per year
... depending on distance traveled, emission category, weight and region
... for road-use fees
T-Systems International GmbH

The right solution
Satellic in Belgium
Satellic was the first authorized operator for collecting toll on behalf of the regions in Belgium. From April 1st 2016, all heavy goods vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes in Belgium must have a working on-board unit (OBU).