The public transport app Vaya Moja uses Smart Citizen by Intervate, to display bus schedules etc. in real time.
Smart Citizen

Real-time app for public transport services

Faster mobile access to bus lines, schedules and prices in Johannesburg, South Africa, via the public transport app Vaya Moja.
Vaya Moja uses Smart Citizen by Intervate, to display bus schedules etc. in real time. Smart Citizen facilitates bi-directional communication between the city authorities/service providers and citizens. Smart Citizen focuses on smartphones enabling connectivity between people and authorities. The solution will in future also be integrated into online ticket sales.
Mobile apps and precise information for a smart public transport system

Trends & drivers

Smartphone apps for citizens. Functionalities offered by IoT and GPS used for public transport purposes. Intervate’s Smart Citizen promotes greater civic engagement.

Customer requirements

Seeking innovative solutions for mobility, management and public safety to solve many city problems more quickly and efficiently. Popularising public transport and thus increasing the city’s appeal.

The solution

  • Solution based on Intervate’s Smart Citizen, a unique solution for greater civic engagement
  • Part of the Microsoft CityNext initiative
  • Route planning
  • Better quality information on travel prices and timetables
  • Provision of travel alerts, e.g., about delays
  • Precise information about buses via GPS data
  • Integration in WIMT (Where Is My Transport)
  • Plan travel from home using the web version
  • Smart Citizen integration interface (SCII) facilitates the integration of additional transport modes and business areas
The benefits for the customer
Citizens receive travel information instantly via their smartphones
The mobile app can be loaded onto any device
Users receive suggestions for cheaper routes
Citizens can report events and make suggestions
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The right solution
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