SharePoint is a file management solution that includes transaction processing for both complex and ad-hoc procedures.

High-performance document management and transaction handling

Over 680 employees in a large town in Hesse are using modern technology daily to keep the city clean and to sustainably protect the environment.
SharePoint as an company-wide enterprise content management platform (ECM) is an innovative file management solution that includes transaction processing for both complex and ad-hoc procedures. Consistent documentation and the requirement to provide supporting documents. System of deadline management integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook for better disposal site management.

Trends & drivers

High-performance document management and transaction handling with Microsoft SharePoint
New technologies for the comprehensive and continuous electronic processing of administrative tasks. Use of SharePoint as a standard solution for innovative file management including transaction processing.

Customer requirements

Measures must be taken to comply with obligations and evidence of their performance provided. Development of file management system including structured document filing system, avoidance of media interruptions. Deadline monitoring system seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook for disposal site management.

The solution & USPs

  • All legally binding documents such as orders from supervisory authorities and any corresponding supporting documents are stored continuously and securely at a central location – unalterable and quick to find
  • For each transaction, the system manages the corresponding deadlines, dates, tasks and contact person responsible
  • A clear traffic-light system continually indicates whether all facility (e.g. waste disposal site) obligations are being met
  • Sophisticated reminder system including escalation management ensures adherence to times limits
  • The reminder system is fully integrated in the standard user environment (Outlook)
The benefits for the customer
Easy and unalterable management of large volumes of official obligations, ancillary provisions and supporting documents
Compliance with all obligations on the construction and operation of facilities can be verified at the click of a button, also allowing for more efficient legislator audits
Efficiently finds all information on the facilities
Fast implementation thanks to easy operation and integration into standard user environment
A company’s management are able to monitor adherence to obligations at any time
Reminder system with escalation management to ensure that the employees responsible adhere to all pertinent deadlines
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