For the four existing data warehouses at TRANSNET, a consolidation program was developed and implemented.

Data warehouse consolidation for real-time analyses

With a staff of around 49,000, TRANSNET is South Africa’s largest freight logistics company. Every day, it transports countless amounts of goods to every corner of South Africa.
Up until recently, it used four separate data warehouses for data administration. This resulted in data inconsistency and excessively high maintenance costs. Together with T-Systems, TRANSNET implemented a comprehensive consolidation program and migrated 15 years of operational data onto Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA. This created the basis for future measures on strengthening competitiveness, e.g., predictive analytics.

Trends & drivers

Moving toward real-time business with SAP BW on HANA – from proof of concept and migration to full operation
Big data and Industry 4.0 present new challenges to business warehouses. Companies want solutions enabling them to conduct real-time evaluations of big data.

Customer requirements

Performance boost through the integration of in-memory technology in SAP HANA. Innovation through the transformation of business processes into real time. Improved competitiveness thanks to the extremely high speed (verging on real-time) processing of data and conducting of analyses.

The solution

  • Development and implementation of a consolidation program for the four existing data warehouses
  • Migration of the existing data warehouses onto a data warehouse platform using SAP HANA and simultaneously upgrading to SAP BW 7.4
  • Implementation of Unicode conversion and an archiving solution for the historization of data
  • Support for performance and migration tests
The benefits for the customer
SAP HANA facilitates flexible processing and usage of large amounts of data
... due to “as a Service” usage with an end-to-end approach
Ad-hoc enquiries are answered in fractions of a second (near-real-time)
... thanks to optimized data storage
... through Dynamic Services NLS (Near Line Storage)
Real-time information facilitates better and faster commercial decision-making
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