A fully digitized IoT infrastructure helps TRANSNET to improve the efficiency and throughput in South African ports.
Smart Port

Drones and big data for greater operational transparency

Transnet National Ports Authority is part of TRANSNET, South Africa’s largest freight logistics company. TRANSNET operates railways, ports, pipelines and other logistics-sector enterprises.
Through its Smart People’s Port program, TRANSNET is seeking to improve the efficiency and throughput in South African ports, beginning with the Port of Durban (phase 1). The program focuses primarily on optimizing procedures for monitoring people, goods and vehicles. It is based on various IoT components such as unmanned drones operating both in the air and in the water, sensors and telematics solutions. The entire program is operated, controlled and evaluated via dashboards in the Port’s Control Center, which are powered by the SAP HANA platform and Intelligent Business Operations (IBO). Phase 2 will potentially involve roll-outs across all South African ports.

Trends & drivers

Highly innovative logistics processes based on integrated real-time information facilitate the efficient and reliable management of all transport routes
The fully digitized IoT infrastructure and use of drones facilitate the recording and processing of large amounts of data in real-time. BI/big data analytics ensures highly accurate predictions for greater efficiency.

Customer requirements

Competitiveness through the optimized use of all transport routes and infrastructures (sea, rail, road) based on digital technologies. Innovation through the use of various IoT components such as drones and specific telematics solutions. Higher throughput through the on-site use of optimized analysis, control and handling procedures.

The Solution

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of all activities, incidents and available resources such as gates, terminals, containers and vehicles enabled by eLTE broadband network connectivity
  • “Single information view” through real-time integration, case management and process visualization
  • Predictive data analytics based on a fully digitized IoT infrastructure (mobile devices and applications, sensors, unmanned airborne and amphibious drones)
  • Maximum transparency in the operational control center through the intelligent interplay of KPI dashboards, GEO maps, data analytics, data visualizations and SAP HANA data views
The benefits for the customer
... facilitates the quick and flexible processing and exploitation of large data volumes
... thanks to reduced transport costs and transparent monitoring (optimum utilization)
Real-time information facilitates faster response times
Optimized utilization of existing capacities
... for all logistics and infrastructure processes on site
Real-time information on flows of people and goods provides a basis for better and faster business decision-making
Increased security through the drone-based centralized monitoring of all activities in the docks, locks and entrance gates
T-Systems International GmbH

The right solution
Smart port in the city of Durban
Port of the future: with drones and LTE, T-Systems and partners make Africa’s major container port smarter and more efficient.