T-Systems offers cloud-based Human Resources solutions for the digital support of Human Capital Management.

Human Capital Management

Digital HR transformation

  • Solutions, interfaces and hosting: everything from a single source
  • Cloud-based, modular Human Resources solutions
  • Consolidation of solutions and systems by experts
  • Maximum data privacy from the German cloud
Manja Mai
Manja Mai

Digital HR Expert

Digital Human Resources gaining ground

Human Capital Management (HCM) involves the systematic management of employee skills and qualifications, along with their career development. In the digital transformation age, companies face ever-greater challenges: regulations are becoming more complex and processes must be implemented transparently and compliantly. At the same time, they must consolidate their systems and avoid media breaks. HR departments not only have to protect their employees from complexity and a deluge of information, but must also support them on their career paths and manage talent effectively. After all, once identified talents have been recruited, they also have to be kept loyal and given attractive development opportunities.

Automate and simplify processes

Simple KPIs are no longer enough for these tasks: the Human Resources (HR) software used for Human Capital Management also needs big data analytics. This is where T-Systems comes in, offering modular, cloud-based partner solutions. Our experts identify the best Human Resources solutions available for each customer and ensure seamless integration of the individual components, as well as privacy-compliant, secure hosting at a data center in Germany. As a result, companies can concentrate fully on their employees, while T-Systems supports them with process automation and system consolidation on their way to implementing an agile enterprise structure. 

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How can HCM be strategically optimized?


Digital HR solutions

Optimize Human Resources with the right solutions
SAP Success Factors
In cooperation with SAP SuccessFactors
Easily automate and digitize human capital management applications with "SAP SuccessFactors powered by T-Systems". The suite integrates recruiting, onboarding, a learning management system, goal and performance management as well as succession planning – structured along the employee lifecycle.
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In cooperation with forcont
All employee files at a glance – complete and centrally stored. The electronic file is audit compliant and data protection is secured via a flexible, clear, role specific access. Easy administration and comprehensive search and report functions included.
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In cooperation with beqom
The beqom Total Compensation Cloud Solution focuses exclusively on managing compensation and performance for large enterprises including Salary Review, Bonus, Long-Term Incentives, Commissions, Benefits, Non-cash rewards and all key drivers towards Employee Performance and Sales Performance.
In cooperation with Unit4
This agile and mobile solution provides an easy to use travel expense management solution. It automates the entry of receipts, enables employees to complete expense claims on the go, ensures full transparency and policy control and integrates with any existing payroll and finance system.
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NGA Human Resources
SAP SuccessFactors Managed Payroll makes it easy to move your SAP Payroll into the cloud without the need for reimplementation or reinstating the data history. This combination of best technology and services from SAP, NGA HR and T-Systems removes, not only all migration challenges, but on-going maintenance responsibilities as well. 
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HR Forecast
In cooperation with HR Forecast
"Big Data for Big Questions". With modern Big Data technologies and innovative HR analytics, you can benefit from intelligently connected data. Gain an individual, strategic competitive advantage and answers for your HR strategy, competency management and digitalization.

In cooperation with
flex:workz is a cloud-based software that supports organizations with internal flexibility of their work models and structures. In a cloud-based but for your company closed space, employees can find colleagues independently, with whom they can realize flexible working models and collaboration forms: jointly launch a project, form a mentoring tandem, organize a job rotation or initiate a job sharing model. The focus is based on a smart (and an algorithm-supported) networking of people and the knowledge in an organization - and thus, directly on the flexibility of structures, reduction of silos and the strengthening of innovation. Make an appointment

The benefits of digitizing Human Capital Management for…

  • Requested cloud applications can be provided
  • Trouble-free IT integration by our integration specialists
  • Everything from a single source – our own HR experts and the best consulting and implementation partners
  • No training of internal IT experts needed for non-mission-critical applications
  • Maximum security through hosting at certified T-Systems data centers in compliance with German data privacy and security regulations
  • Suite or best-of-breed – the T-Systems partner ecosystem has the solution you need for any challenge
  • Human Resources data requires maximum security: T-Systems customers get a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that complies with all security and privacy standards
  • Administrative processes are automated and made flexible, increasing productivity and effectiveness: no media breaks, fewer resources needed for maintenance and administration – with increased time savings
  • T-Systems ensures that its solution portfolio is always state of the art, giving specialist departments a lead when it comes to using new features and helping them benefit from a faster innovation process
  • The use of cloud-based Human Resources solutions substitutes capital expenses with operating costs, in which customers benefit from flexible pricing models

Revolutionize Human Capital Management with solutions from the cloud

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The war for talent knows (nearly) no rules. Companies that use smart, innovative Human Resources solutions have a decisive advantage in the battle for top staff: the various cloud applications let them better assess internal and external applicants, assign them more effectively and support them along their career paths – for the best possible personnel management. The digital HR software solutions from the cloud – such as SAP SuccessFactors for recruiting, performance management and learning management – enable simplified, effective, transparent talent management.

The right solution for every need

The T-Systems partner ecosystem contains the right SaaS solutions for every company and any challenge – whether small business, midsized company or major corporation. In addition to talent management, HR analytics and forecasting play an important role: the analyzed, visualized data lets HR departments make fact-based strategic decisions and predict trends – enabling optimal support throughout the employee life cycle. With the digital personnel file from forcont, employee information can be retrieved by authorized users at any time, speeding up processes and ensuring efficient, productive management without media breaks – and of course compliant. In cooperation with partners such as NGA Human Resources, beqom and Unit4, T-Systems also offers cloud-based solutions for total compensation management, travel expense management and payroll processes.

Everything from a single source

The HR software applications and related services are provided by T-Systems from the cloud and integrated in your company's existing IT by our experts. And everything with maximum security: all partner solutions are run by T-Systems in certified data centers in Germany, under the country's strict data protection and privacy laws.
T-Systems offers customers the best solutions for digital Human Capital Management, always up to date, including current trends and the latest studies. As a result, the best possible solution can be found for every customer, based on their specific needs and infrastructures. Customers can choose whether they want to select a specific modular solution for every challenge or use all of a vendor's applications as an integrated package. No matter what you decide: T-Systems will give you everything from a single source – and with flexible pricing models.

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