Globales Netz für die Wirtschaft: Smart SD-WAN powered by ngena sorgt für hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit und einfaches Netzmanagement.
WAN Solution


Smart network technology for digital businesses

  • Standardized network services with rapid, global provisioning
  • The ideal access type for any site through hybrid technology
  • Central network management for quick-and-easy modifications and extensions
  • VPN services based on SDN/NFV technology
  • Automated operational processes via the ngena network alliance
Annett Claaßen - TC Solution Marketing
Annett Claaßen

TC Solution Marketing

The global IP VPN challenge

Managing multi-site corporate networks is a complex undertaking. Even major telecommunications players do not own and operate their own fully comprehensive worldwide networks. Instead, they have to purchase additional infrastructure resources from third parties. As a result, the provisioning of new services can be slow and laborious. What’s more, service features and quality vary from region to region. But in fast-moving markets, international businesses require agile data networks.

Network services provisioned with speed and simplicity

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New SD-WAN technology for exceptional network agility.
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Data networks are finally catching up with the dynamics of the digital age. As a member of the ngena alliance, T-Systems offers multinational corporations standardized network services practically anywhere in the world – provisioned with speed and simplicity: Smart SD-WAN is an international, multi-carrier IP-VPN offering, based on SD WAN technology. These network services are of outstanding and consistent quality, available rapidly and reliably, and are easy to manage. Products and processes are standardized worldwide and are administered via a central platform.

Technical specifications

  • Cross-carrier, international SD WAN platform
  • Service management with a designated contact partner
  • Consistent use of the “Network Functions Virtualization” technology
  • High level of automation for operations
  • Global availability through ngena alliance partners
  • Standard end-to-end encryption
  • Globally standardized service levels
Smart SD-WAN
Available Access Designs
Future Access Designs
Available services:
  • Regional Internet breakout
  • Firewall & web security for regional Internet access
  • Multi-VPN with defined quality of service
  • Intelligent selection of the access line for each application (best path selection)
  • Intelligent traffic routing depending on the type of application (application aware network)
  • CE-CE-coupling with other networks
  • Managed Service E2E with a personal service manager

           Further services will follow until the end of 2018, e.g. Local Internet Access, Cloud Connect and much more

Smart SD-WAN – the digitization network

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To survive and thrive in the digital era, international organizations must be highly responsive to market changes. Their calls for agility – not only for the business, but also for their ICT resources, including their data networks. New sites, for instance, require fast access to the corporate network. And public-cloud services necessitate the timely provision of regional or local Internet breakouts.

New imperatives for IP VPNs

Today’s corporate networks are chiefly MPLS VPNs – as this technology delivers high availability and performance, and can be tailored to specific needs. But implementing, or modifying, an international MPLS VPN requires patience: the provider has to configure the network manually, and coordinate activities with other carriers. As a result, corporate networks frequently fail to keep pace with evolving requirements.
At the same time, there is increasing adoption of VPNs via the public Internet – for example, in order to integrate smaller sites. Internet connections can generally be implemented quickly, at low cost, and almost anywhere – but these strength come at a price: less dependable transmission quality, fluctuating in line with data traffic. And unlike MPLS, it is not possible to prioritize and guarantee a defined quality of service for latency-sensitive applications. So businesses faced a stark choice between a high-quality MPLS VPN or a less-than-perfect Internet-based solution. Until now, that is.

High performance meets high agility

Smart SD-WAN from T-Systems combines the best of both worlds. Through software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), Smart SD-WAN ensures standout agility. New services and connections can be deployed far faster, and seamlessly integrated carrier networks mean IP VPN coverage for all four corners of the globe. There is a portfolio of standardized access designs that allow each company to choose a backbone connection that suits their priorities in terms of quality and cost. It is also possible to define transmission quality for specific applications. And for total peace of mind, T-Systems assumes complete responsibility for VPN administration – including personal, around-the-clock service management.
As a result, Smart SD-WAN is as agile and simple as Internet VPN, and for many requirements, as powerful and professional as MPLS. Smart SD-WAN can be deployed as a stand-alone or alongside Internet and MPLS VPN. No matter what the choice, the solution enables enterprises to focus on their business and digital transformation goals. Because Smart SD-WAN delivers simplicity, speed and flexibility – all in one.

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