Fully Managed SD-WAN vereint Overlay und Underlay in einem Service.

Smart SD-WAN

Modular overlay solutions for every VPN

  • Wide range of leading SD-WAN technologies
  • Available for all providers’ networks
  • Highly scalable for international corporate networks
  • Professional migration advice geared to your strategy
  • Certificated global 24/7 operation
  • Accessing public clouds with maximum security
Annett Claaßen - TC Solution Marketing
Annett Claaßen

Product Marketing

Smart SD-WAN: Maximum flexibility for the network of the future

Smart SD-WAN allows companies to turn their existing WAN into a virtual network quite simply without having to change network provider. They can maintain full global flexibility in their choice of network operator and access technologies for their corporate network. Smart SD-WAN solutions from T-Systems enable networks to be adapted swiftly and monitored centrally, the performance of hybrid networks to be improved and public clouds to be integrated fast and securely. Functions such as firewalls and network monitoring run as virtual network functions (VNFs), saving time and money on network changes and new application requirements.

The right SD-WAN technology for every network

To fulfill their specific requirements companies can choose from an extensive portfolio of SD-WAN solutions from leading technology providers. T-Systems collaborates only with tried and tested partners such as Riverbed, Silver Peak, and VeloCloud. Experts advise you on selecting the right solution for implementing your IT strategy. Certificated consultants assist with the migration and highly skilled international support team will take care of the software-defined network operation 24/7. You also have the flexibility to manage elements of your SD-WAN infrastructure yourself if you choose.
Fully Managed SD-WAN
T-Systems offers companies Managed SD-WAN and Managed WAN as an integrated service - with end-to-end SLAs and intelligent routing via hybrid networks.


Technical specifications

  • Higher performance via hybrid network connections, simple and secure cloud connectivity, central network configuration, real-time monitoring
  • Virtual network functions (VNFs) such as firewalls and WAN acceleration in one device
  • Choice of SD-WAN technology from various certified partners such as Riverbed, Silver Peak and VeloCloud
  • Certified partners offer high quality and long-term availability of the SD-WAN product
  • Compatible with other providers’ networks, including T-Systems own IntraSelect Service: All existing network connections at your locations can be integrated
  • 24/7 operation by certified network team
  • Scalable for large and complex networks that consist of hundreds of locations and bandwidths over 1 Gbit/s
  • Full international availability and support
  • Ideally positioned for companies pursuing a multi-carrier strategy or wanting to expand their existing network configuration
T-Systems Services
  • Consulting & Engineering: T-Systems Germany
  • Service Desk: DTA/ISP, T-Systems Hungary
  • Operations: DTA/ISP
  • Support Level: 7x24x365
Technology Strength
  • Provide granular and flexible application visibility, analytics and acceleration
  • One-click cloud optimization and connectivity with AWS and Azure
  • Operation and hosting in Germany according to German data protection law
  • Service portal which allows centralized orchestration on a single screen, including real time monitoring, orchestration, reporting
T-Systems Services
  • Consulting & Engineering: T-Systems Austria
  • Service Desk: T-Systems Austria / T-Systems Hungary
  • Operations: T-Systems Austria
  • Support Level: 7x24x365
  • Provider management: T-Systems Austria
Technology Strength
  • Integrated WAN optimization
  • Business intent overlays
  • Zone-based firewall network segmentation
  • Focused on network analytics
  • Widest public cloud certification and deployment
T-Systems Services
  • Consulting & Engineering: T-Systems UK
  • Service Desk: T-Systems Hungary
  • Operations: T-Systems Hungary
  • Support Level: 7x24x365
Technology Strength
  • Part of a large group (Dell, EMC, VMware) with particular strength around computing HW and virtualization
  • SD-WAN gateways form a distributed system to enable IaaS and SaaS integration with the leading cloud providers
  • Dynamic Multipath Optimization (feature) utilises all WAN connections to provide reliable content delivery
  • Integrated firewall and network segmentation capabilities

InfographicSmart SD-WAN: Individual solution design and modular service options

Smart SD-WAN: Individual solution design and modular service options

What advantages does SD-WAN offer large corporations?

Software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) use two virtualization technologies: Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). SDN separates the network control (control plane) from the data transport (data plane). That enables network components such as routers and switches to be managed centrally. At the same time, NFV ensures that network functions such as firewalls and load balancers no longer run on proprietary hardware but as software on standard servers. The result is an overlay network that is completely independent of the transmission technology. Companies will also benefit from these three additional advantages:

1. Optimization of hybrid networks

SD-WAN enables data traffic to be shared dynamically and automatically between the MPLS network and the Internet based provisions depending on the application and the network load. Time critical traffic from a centralized IP telephony solution will benefit from the MPLS access and its quality of service (QoS) function for reliable connectivity.

2. Central network configuration

SD-WAN makes the network more agile. Administrators can configure SD-WAN devices centrally and implement changes much faster by means of service chaining mechanisms. At the same time, they can monitor the network in real time. Reports take only a few clicks, and bottlenecks and faults are better to predict and rectify through the quality of the information available.

3. Simple and secure cloud connectivity

According to EMA analysts, over half of the companies around the world would like to connect their locations to the cloud directly rather than back haul traffic centrally via a data center or a network hub. Local Internet access to enable the direct connection to public clouds is possible without SD-WAN but this must be provisioned separately and means additional management requirements. With the advanced reporting capability available with SD-WAN companies can view the status and utilization of their internet connectivity. Along with this, you also have the advantage of administering your centrally and uniformly.

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